Data News of the Week | North Korea Tensions

“North Korea” or “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)” are recurrent and frequent headlines in the newspapers. The recent advances in missile technology and nuclear tests threatens the world and creates a lot of geopolitical tensions. Our editor would like to share relevant data projects this week.

The “wholesale” packages

Assuming you are too busy to study all the background information and catch up the latest news, here are two must-read projects that get you up to date in 30 minutes.

☞ Immersive reporting from ESRI StoryMaps: side by side comparison of two Koreas in multiple angles [Link]

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5 Signs to Indicate the Future of Hong Kong Media Is Bright

It’s almost the end of 2017 and perhaps it’s the right time to predict the future of Hong Kong media. Although many might think the industry enters another “dark age”, it is not as worse as the majority think. We observed some promising trends of Hong Kong media landscape this year:

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Recap of Oct 2017 Data Journalism Bootcamp in HKBU

The 2-day Data Journalism Boot Camp was successfully held in HKBU on Oct 26 and Oct 27. The event was sponsored by KAS and the workshop sessions were led by two experienced trainers from DataLEADS. Another highlight of the event was a roundtable discussion chaired by Prof. Ying Chen, where professionals shared their practices, challenges and solutions in the newsrooms.

Data Bootcamp in Oct 2017

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本文介紹最簡單的爬蟲,只需要一行命令: wget -r

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做數據新聞經常會需要處理大量缺失數據(Missing Data)。如果原始數據是一張二維表格,那麼這張表格中有很多「空洞」,我們常常希望過濾掉這些「空洞」,留下整行整列,以便在一個限定的範圍內,進行完整的分析工作。

本文來自同學Zoya的投稿,目的是用地圖展示各個國家市政垃圾收集的數量。原始數據來自UN Municipal Waste Collection Dataset,年份覆蓋並不完全(Missing Data)。爲了統一對比標準,項目最終選擇篩選出2002到2012年(共11年)均有數據的國家,再繪製地圖。本教程展示了兩種方法,均有值得借鑑的技巧。法一組合利用Excel、Open Refine、Tableau的基礎功能,最後使用Tableau的JOIN操作,實現了缺失數據的過濾。法二則針對本用例的特殊性,直接在Tableau內部完整整個數據流,用到了「# of Records」這個特殊的計算量。



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Data Journalism Open Lecture on November 11.

Shan HE, Project director of Greenovation Hub, Public Lab Organizer, member of Guangzhou International Dragon Boat team. Living in Changzhou island in Guangzhou, is coming to Hong Kong Baptist University on 11 November to talk about Environment Issue, Open Technology and Data Visualisation.

When: 11:30 AM-12:10 PM, Nov. 11, 2017 (Saturday).

Where: Room 703, 7/F, Communication and Visual Arts Building, Hong Kong Baptist University.

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Data News of the Week | Power in China

The closing session of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China finished this week. New Politburo Standing Committee presented to the Media, putting Beijing in the centre of world attention. This DNW hand-picks recent data news related with Power in China.

25 year’s political path to Power in China

Bloomberg Politics made an unconventional data visualisation to show The Path to Power in China. Readers can easily tell running a Big Region is important in China, by reading the following line chart. The chart successfully turned categorical position data into ordinal data by sorting the importance, namely number of people who entered Standing Committee from that position.


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Data News of the Week | Nobel Prize and Hong Kong Chief Executive Policy Address

Noble Prize and Policy Address 2017.

Nobel Prize. Michael Greshko from National Geographic finds out that Nearly 900 People Have Won Nobel Prizes. Only 48 Were Women. The gender gap exists, regardless that female winners are increasing in recent years.


Nobel Prize

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Data Journalism Boot Camp in Hong Kong

Dear all,

We are honoured to introduce you a one and a half day Data Journalism Boot Camp in Hong Kong.

Location (Map): Room 506, 5/F, Communication and Visual Arts Building (CVA), Hong Kong Baptist University. 

Time: Oct. 26 (Thursday) 9am-5pm & Oct. 27 (Friday) 9am-3pm.

Interested applicants should fill in the online form in this (deadline for applications to be 13 Oct.) link:

The workshop will be run by a pair experienced trainers from DataLEADS including the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Centre for Investigative Journalism.


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100 Year’s Earthquake around Sichuan in D3

Jiuzhaigou, a world-class scenic spot in Sichuan, China, suffered a drastic earthquake on 2017-08-08 21:19:46. People still remember the Wenchuan earthquake that caused thousands of deaths and loss of enormous properties. Does Sichuan have a lot of earthquakes in history? Which counties suffered most from the earthquakes? Pili Hu made this animated chart in D3 overnight for an overview of earthquakes happened in or around Sichuan region in the past 100 years. The data source is See the project in full page here: Sichuan Earthquake in 100 years.