For this month, we have the founding Principle Coordinator of Data & News Society, Dr. Roselyn Du to conduct the talk on “Why data journalism”. A lot of journalism students and professors from various fields came to the talk.

Dr. Du compared several traditional news and data-driven news on the same topic. For example, SCMP vs Baidu News Lab on the recent unusual cold weather, and Taiwan Election by Intium Media and Financial Times.

What’s more, Dr. Du told us more why she established this Data & News Socity.  According to a survey conducted by European Journalism Centre, and our survey about journalism students in HKBU, journalism students lack skills in math and computer science, and are eager for these skills in the era of “Big Data”. Some words from the intellectual father of data journalism Phil Meyer, and founding father of WWW Tim Berners-Lee were also shared in the talk.

And there are some recent data journalism cases to share:


 Interactive News Application:

Data & News Society is an amazing society, I would say. It offers a platform for scholoars and students to exchange knowledge and resources, and also helps students to extend their horizen and find a better career in the dog-eat-dog job market.