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[Repost] Reflections on the talk by Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu on Artificial Intelligence


Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu on the DataXHKBU workshop on 26 Jan (by Xinzhi Zhang)

Note: This post was originally contributed as an entry to the Communicar Journal Blog on 28 Jan 2018. The author would like to repost it to the D&N Society]

Reflections on the talk by Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu on Artificial Intelligence

“Will AI help the film directors to make better movies? – Yes! But will AI replace the film directors and become directors? – No!” – Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu.

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Data News of the Week | Nobel Prize and Hong Kong Chief Executive Policy Address

Noble Prize and Policy Address 2017.

Nobel Prize. Michael Greshko from National Geographic finds out that Nearly 900 People Have Won Nobel Prizes. Only 48 Were Women. The gender gap exists, regardless that female winners are increasing in recent years.


Nobel Prize

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Data News of the Week | Data and Rio 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympics commonly known as Rio 2016 being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Games is formally running from 5 August to 21 August 2016.


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Play with Data – Inspired by Jeff’s Workshop – Day 2

During Jeff’s workshop, we played with a lot of data sets and were armed with Excel skills. For me, after constructing the Excel tutorial and did a review of Excel, the knowledge would be as solid as possible.

       1st data set is from world bank: life expectancy at birth.

         Just remember that every time you play with a data set, just make a copy it, and keep the original in case that you mess up with the data.

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Story-telling with data: Phil Meyer says


Greetings to Roselyn and the Data & News Society. I’m sorry that I cannot be with you in person, but I welcome this opportunity to send my image instead.

There is a new book related to my topic. Robert H. Frank of Cornell University is the author of Success and Luck. He argues that we tend to underestimate the degree to which simple good luck accounts for whatever success we have. Psychologists call this “hindsight bias.” The success of my Precision Journalism, still in print after 43 years, offers a case study. Continue reading “Story-telling with data: Phil Meyer says”

Data News in the Pulitzers

by Roselyn Du

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The Pulitzers are now in their centennial year. A hundred years is a long way to go. Along the way, there are milestones that are remembered. One in 2012, marked by Huffington Post. Its military correspondent David Wood won in the National Reporting category with his 10-part series “Beyond the Battlefields”. That milestone celebrates the first win for the then seven-year-old Huffington Post and evidences the Pulitzer committee’s recognition of online-only news. As the president and editor-in-chief of the “paper” Arianna Huffington commented, it was an affirmation that great journalism could thrive on the Web.

Another in 2016. Yes, freshly out yesterday. The New Yorker became the first magazine to win a Pulitzer, with Emily Nussbaum’s critical reviews. In 2015, for the first time ever, magazines were permitted to enter the awards and the New Yorker was finalisted for feature writing.

I am actually waiting for another milestone. One for data journalism. In the journalism classes I teach, I’ve always asked my students, “when do you think there will be an award category in the Pulitzer for data news?”


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Data & News Society Inaugural Colloquium

The inaugural colloquium of the Data and News Society brought academics and practitioners together on 16 December to present news stories and accompanying visual displays. The inaugural speaker was Hu Pili, director and data scientist from the Initium Lab at Initium Media, which explores the ways of analysing and visualising data within journalism. Mr Hu demonstrated how the lab used voting records from the Hong Kong Legislative Council from Oct 2012 to June 2015 to create a visual display that allows readers to see how individual council members voted in relation to party lines. The graphic was also 3D-printed for the visually impaired. Continue reading “Data & News Society Inaugural Colloquium”

Pushing the Limits with Technology-Inaugural Colloquium

December, 16th, Wednesday, 2015

Founded by Dr. Roselyn Du at Hong Kong Baptist University, the Data & News Society kicked off its inaugural colloquium on Dec.16 (Wed), 2015. Attendees included some of its members (teachers from Dept. of Computer Science, Math & CHTL and Ph.D students), as well as general public interested in the subject. Since the very start of its establishment, the Society has been well recognized and supported by a wide array of academic and professional resources. Prof. Huang Yu, Dean of the School of Communication and Dr. Alice Lee, head of Department of Journalism showed their generous support by giving opening remarks at the colloquium.

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