Message from the Founder

The Data & News Society is currently based in Hong Kong, with initial funding from Hong Kong Baptist University.

We have entered what is called “the age of data” and “the age of new media.” Data journalism is the marriage of the two. With vast amounts of data now openly accessible online, and the new infographic technologies available to visualize data, news media are increasingly making use of these valuable mines of data to source and produce their stories. Data journalism – the use of numerical data in the production and distribution of news – is an emerging area in the field of information and mass media.

The Data & News Society (D&N) is a multi-disciplinary society involving students, scholars and professionals from diverse academic backgrounds, including journalism, computer science, statistics, visual communication, and more. The D&N serves as a colloquium for media professionals, instructors, and students who are interested in the collaboration of data and news.

Roselyn Du, PhD

Founder and Principal Coordinator

Hosting institution

Established in September 2007, the Institute for Journalism and Society (IJS) aims to integrate the various capabilities of journalism to reach out to the people and serve the public. The Data & News Society (D&N) has been hosted by IJS since May 2017.

Supporting institutions

The Department of Journalism was founded in 1968, and many of the city’s top media professionals are its journalism graduates. The department is proud of its long history and works hard to provide one of the top professional and theoretical journalism programs in Asia. The Data & News Society (D&N) was initiated by and has since received strong support from colleagues of Department of Journalism.

The Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (CHTL) works in partnership with academic colleagues to foster continuous quality learning and teaching at HKBU. It aims to reinforce the student-centred, whole-person and outcome-oriented ethos of learning and teaching in the University. The Data & News Society (D&N) received seed funding via Community of Practice (CoP) from CHTL.

Disclaimer: All data, views and opinions expressed in the posts and comments published on this site are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the standpoint of the Data & News Society, nor its hosting institutions and supporting institutions.

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