Month: December 2015

The right balance of data and news

I must confess: I was slightly reluctant before joining the Inaugural Colloquium of D&N Society. I was afraid we will hear a lot about the mantra of data without even scratching the surface of “what data is really about?” and “how can we make the most of it without making it larger than life?”. Fortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The colloquium was a success and bellow I will describe why I felt reluctant and what saved the day for me during our first meeting. Continue reading “The right balance of data and news”


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說時髦一點,是「數據記者」。唬人一點,也可以自稱「數據科學家」,畢竟我還是有些許學術和技術背景。既然是「數據記者」,那我們做的自然就叫「數據新聞」了。什麼算數據新聞呢?回答這個問題,如同回答什麼是雲計算?什麼是物聯網?什麼是大數據?什麼是H5?……和任何一個新興行業一樣,buzzword的背後,有人在做乾貨,有人只是在玩弄商業詞藻。有人是興趣使然,有人只是職業憂慮——怕跟不上這一波潮流。所以,不如拋開定義,舉點例子。其實,我幾個月前寫的文章《40张图解Code for系列风潮》中,提到兩個案例即是。 Continue reading “近況|「端」數據”

Pushing the Limits with Technology-Inaugural Colloquium

December, 16th, Wednesday, 2015

Founded by Dr. Roselyn Du at Hong Kong Baptist University, the Data & News Society kicked off its inaugural colloquium on Dec.16 (Wed), 2015. Attendees included some of its members (teachers from Dept. of Computer Science, Math & CHTL and Ph.D students), as well as general public interested in the subject. Since the very start of its establishment, the Society has been well recognized and supported by a wide array of academic and professional resources. Prof. Huang Yu, Dean of the School of Communication and Dr. Alice Lee, head of Department of Journalism showed their generous support by giving opening remarks at the colloquium.

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Field Trip to InItium Media


November 23, Monday, 2015

Around 18 students along with Dr. Roselyn Du and project assistant Zhang Tianyi, went to Intium Media for a visit to their office at Querry Bay, Hong Kong. Continue reading “Field Trip to InItium Media”

D&N Society Inaugural Colloquium

The Data & News Society inaugural colloquium will take place on Dec 16, 2015, 1:00-3:00pm, at Hong Kong Baptist Univiersity School of Communication.

Prof. Hung Yu, Dean of School of Communication, and Dr. Alice Lee, Head of Department of Journalism will give opening remarks. Guest Speaker Hu Pili, Director of Initium Lab Hong Kong,  will deliever a talk on “pushing the limits of journalism wtih technology.” The inaugural colloquium will also showcase two student data journalism projects.

All are welcome!

Misery of participants in July 1 rally

By Aaron Au

July 1 pro-democracy rally is an annual protest organized by Civil Human Rights Front. Through the rally, participants’ carry different issues any gather together and walk from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to the government headquarter located in Central or Admiralty.


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Gasoline vs. Electric – Which one do you prefer?

Reported by David LIU and James WANG


Because of TESLA, people begin to believe that electrical car can also have amazing performance. With the development of battery technology, more and more electrical cars entries the market. Is it a good choice to buy an electrical car or not? We make an data news story to compare electrical cars and petrol cars in terms of refill station convenience and energy expenditure. Continue reading “Gasoline vs. Electric – Which one do you prefer?”

2016立法會選戰超前瞻| First Sight of LegCo Election 2016 – From District Council Election 2015

[Body Text in Chinese, Infographics in English] District Council Election 2015 in Hong Kong – the fist ever general elections after the Occupy Movement. Both sides of the politics, government officials, even Beijing hugely care the elections. Coming up the LegCo election in just a year away, many of the political parties are trying to pave their way, especially for the 5 Super Seats. The constituency covers all regions of Hong Kong. How about the post-umbrella candidates, would this be the end for them? As the results of District Council Election arrive, we shall have a sense of what could happen in 2016 LegCo Election.


By CASEY MAK with assistance from KEN HO

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2015區選回顧 | Review of District Council 2015

[Body Text in Chinese, Infographic in English]

As the polling stations closed and votes were being caste, the results are in for the District Council Election 2015. The Pan-Democrats fails to flip the table with a small margin, high voting rate seems not helping anymore as the Pro-Establishment holds on in EVERY District Council. How was the performance of the parties. You are told that the tight fights in some constituencies, what exactly happened? How representative are the elected persons are actually…



BY CASEY MAK with assistance from KEN HO

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