Month: November 2016

D&N Society Season 2.2 Colloquium: An editor’s perspective

For Season 2.2 Colloquium, we are very excited to have WANG Feng, editor-in-chief of Financial Times Chinese Network, to talk about data and news from an editor’s perspective:

When: 12:00-13:30, Nov. 30, 2016 (Wednesday)

Where: CVA1022, HKBU

WANG Feng 11.30.jpg

About the Speaker:

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How well are inmates doing in and out of Hong Kong prison?

Reported by Crystal Tai, Emily Cheung and Nathan Daniels

Hong Kong ranked 11th among the world’s safest cities with only 0.1 percent of the population held in custody. We look into the reasons why people get imprisoned and the treatment they receive in jails. Although prison time isn’t supposed to be easy, some of the results may surprise you.


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(學生們在端傳媒的數據實驗室参观 )

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Initium Media is Hiring…

The Initium Media(@端傳媒) is looking to fill the following positions with higher priority:

1. Social media operation. ( )
2. Interactive Charting ( mainly eCharts; such as last graph of this post: )

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Data News of the Week | 用數據直播美國大選

這周最熱話題莫過於美國總統大選。票選最終結果是共和黨總統候選人Donald J. Trump以289張選舉人票對民主黨候選Hillary Clinton 218張選舉人票勝出,成為美國第58屆總統。


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GIJN – 美国大选终局战:数据可视化下的胜与败

(This is a repost from GIJN, click the picture to read the original)

George Rodrigue: An Award-Winning Career in Data Journalism

by Valerie Cooper

On behalf of the Data and News Society, I sat down with American journalist George Rodrigue, who visited Hong Kong as part of HKBU’s Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop this past week. We spoke about his career as a data journalist. Rodrigue, the editor of The Plain Dealer in Ohio, began using data to tell news stories in the 1970s, and the skills have helped earn him two Pulitzer Prizes. You can read more about his work here: The interview has been edited for brevity.

VC: How did you get started in data journalism?

GR: The first thing that I ever did actually was a project at the University of Virginia where we surveyed students about the quality of specific off-campus housing that was kind of like consumer reports – how safe they are, how sanitary they are, all that stuff – and that seemed to fill a need, so I just kept looking for chances to do that kind of stuff as time passed.

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