Month: November 2015

Should Hong Kong Redefine its Retail Market?

By Jonathan Chan and Kate Lin

(Photo by Apple Daily 蘋果日報)


The main source of income for Hong Kong’s retail business comes from mainland tourists, but with their numbers dwindling, retailers that expanded to cater their shopping needs have taken a huge blow.

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Why don’t Hongkongers support CY Leung?

By Choi Ho Yee (Elise), Yang Shutong (Emma) and Tsoi Ki Lik (Alex)

Back in 2012, Leung Chun-ying took office as chief executive of Hong Kong under controversy over unauthorized building work in his home that brought discredit to him. After more than three years, Hongkongers’ discontent to him and the government only grow.

During the annual July 1 rally and other protests,  people demand CY to step down and call him a “big liar” and ‘’689” which means he only has 689 votes in the CE election. These signs show that CY doesn’t fulfill what he had promised when he ran the office. The data from public opinion programme by University of Hong Kong shows CY’s popularity slumped 10 percent during his tenure til now. The rating kept going down from 51.5 percent in 2012 to the most recent at 41.3 percent.

Untitled Infographic


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No longer attractive for its spots? – The change of Hong Kong Tourist Consumption

 Reported by Vegas Tang, Ian Mak

According to the latest statistics from PartnerNet, a website developed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, total Chinese visitors who stayed overnight has been dropped from 14,355,800 to 13,562,600, 5.5% in other words. This is far more than the decrease of the total number of overnight visitors, who dropped from to 19,706,500, 4.8%.  The proportion of mainland visitors to overall attendance also dropped to 40 percent, from 50 percent. Comparing the first nine months of number of visitors came from different region, most regions had recorded a decrease, and the drop of visitors from Mainland is the most significant among the regions.

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Who are the Nobel Prize winners?

By Arisa Wing Yiu Lai, Candice Ka Wai Tang & Tanya McGovern

The Nobel Prize is synonymous with influential leaders, thinkers and innovators. Since 1901, the annual international awards receives thousands of nominations for the contributions of individuals and organisations to academia, culture and the sciences.

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A “Line” over Troubled Water – Something you don’t know about poverty in hk

By Catherine Xu, Pamela Lin & Fred LAI


Poor population reaches the lowest in six years while the city is still confronted with the problem of ageing population and more alleviation measures are in need.

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Abortion in China: policy and data

By Viola Zhou 

More than 300 million foetuses were aborted in China since the one-child policy was implemented 35 years ago. Over 10 million abortion operations were performed in the most years in 1980s, when the family-planning policy was strictly enforced. Continue reading “Abortion in China: policy and data”

The Blossoming World of Data Visualisation

When “Data” and “News” get married, they have a lot of babies who have different characteristics, which means “Data Journalism Family” inevitably involves many fields about “Data Science“.

Yesterday I came to a meetup held in WanChai about data visualisation (one of the family’s child in data journalism). The speaker is Mart, and here is his Bio from Trello: Continue reading “The Blossoming World of Data Visualisation”

A Visit to CityU Apps Lab

Hi all. There will be a visit to CityU Apps Lab organised by Open Innovation Lab@CUHK. Please see if you have interest. Data journalism could be presented in various forms like webpages, apps and etc. News apps are also a trend in data journalism.

“Those two are tech communities. CAL finds a lot of practical applications with impact to society. They even got some public startup funding from HK gov last year. I think it is a good opportunity for people with a inter-disciplinary interest to mingle with each other,” says Hu Pili, Director of Initium Lab.

Here is the visit info:

When Numbers Meet Words…

Enjoy data news stories produced by our students and members in the Gallery!

The Setup of D&N Society

The D&N Society was established in 2015 based in Hong Kong: