Data News of the Week | U.S. Gun Control Debate and the Media

There were more than four months after the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, which is the deadliest mass shooting* committed by an individual of the States. As the largest gun-holding ratio (per capita) country around the world, USA has long been debating the gun control, yet, no consensus has been able to achieve. That’s also why media play a huge role in formulating the public debate and policy-making of gun control. We will discuss the two following reports by BBC (America’s gun culture in 10 charts) and The Telegraph (One mass shooting every day: Seven facts about gun violence in America) to illustrate the strengths and limitations of media coverage on the gun control.

*Mass shooting: When an attacker killed three or more victims in an indiscriminate rampage. Before 2013, the number was four. Continue reading “Data News of the Week | U.S. Gun Control Debate and the Media”

農曆新年學習資料大禮包!Data Journalism Learning Tools

農曆新年伊始,小編在此給各位愛學習的小夥伴推薦一些學習Data Journalism有用的線上課程,資料和工具。希望新的一年,大家學業進步!順順利利!(原文部分轉載自, 有部分編輯, 點擊查看更多: 學習資料清單)

  • 系列課程:從查找資料開始、學習解讀資料的意義、資料視覺化到用資料說故事。

1.Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools(課程在LEARNO.NET平台開放,一共5節,直接註冊,免費學習)

2.Data Exploration and Storytelling(數據大師Alberto Cairo & Heather Krause開設)

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轉載自 全球深度報導網 Repost from Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN)

Original Article(本文由簡體中文轉爲繁體中文)

媒體在數字化轉型中,越來越多地用數據可視化作為呈現方式。但許多可視化的作品只是追求形式上的美感,沒有實現數據可視化真正的功能:清晰有效地傳達信息,使讀者更形象地理解數字背後的含義。媒體推出的可視化新聞良莠不齊,水準忽上忽下,卻少有懂行的同行或讀者給予反饋。本週的數據新聞給讀者介紹由Perceptual Edge網站創始人、信息視覺化專家Stephen Few提出的一個標準化衡量規則,評價可視化是否達到了必要的效果。


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Recap of Covering Open Space 101 Workshop

Civic Exchange  (思匯政策研究所,“CE” hereafter, a think tank) held a workshop on Covering Open Space 101 Workshop in HKBU on 7 Feb 2018, as a part of the collaboration with HKBU JOUR to conduct a series of investigative reports on open space in Hong Kong. CE’s researcher, Carine Lai and an experienced journalist, Christopher DeWolf, were invited to share their experience and techniques in doing open space research in Hong Kong. After the learning sessions, students tried to use the maps to practice the knowledge learned from the workshop. Here is the recap of the event.

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Evaluate Bonds for Your Investment Plan

Summary: Everyone seeks fortune. But managing financial affairs is not an easy cook for the general public since that business jargon and the complicated fluctuations in price have confused many investors who merely have the faintest idea of investment. At this point, bonds — a fixed income investment with a defined holding period — draws the attention of many, yet a less risky basket of this kind could still be affected by the ever-changing market.

Thus, we used Python and the universally-acknowledged bond valuation method, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), to design an efficient and easy-understanding calculator to help green hands to estimate if they can receive the expected proportion of benefit from a given bond.

Understanding Bonds: What is a Bond and How Bonds Work

“A bond is a fixed income investment in which an investor loans money to an entity which borrows the funds for a defined period of time at a fixed interest rate.”

图片 1.png▲ A Bond’s Lifetime (Source: Vanguard)

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Recap of SCMP infographic designers’ guest lecture in HKDI

picture 2
Marcelo Duhalde showcases his research work behind the infographics. Photo: Zhang Ruirong

The first principle of making infographics is clearness because infographics are created for sharing, said Marcelo Duhalde, an infographic designer from SCMP as well as his colleague Marco Hernandez, invited by Hong Kong Design Institute on Feb 6.

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Tableau Student Viz Assignment Contest (Jan 8 – May 29, 2018)

Just created a visual for an assignment? Turn it into an awarding winning work by submitting it to the Tableau Student Vis Assignment Contest (Round II 2018)!


(Round I First PlaceWinner, Perusing the New York Times #1 Best Seller List)

Entry Eligibility:

  • Visuals should be created in Tableau, within the period of Jan 8 – May 29, 2018.
  • Participants should be currently enrolled in a degree-granting program.
  • Dataset used should publicly accessible.
  • Submit your work by publishing your visual to your Tableau Public profile

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Create Simple Filled Map (HK) in Tableau

Creating a filled map using JavaScript libraries might take you much time to get it work. This tutorial demonstrates how data visualization tool Tableau provide a decent and handy solution (*Note: Hong Kong Map feature is only available after version 10).

The final product can be found here:!/vizhome/SimpleFilledMap/Dashboard1

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Data News of the Week | Trump Lies and His Job Promises

It has been more than a year under Donald Trump’s administration. Trump has made a lot of groundless claims and job promises which happen arbitrarily. Some newsagents keep a record of it and visualize the frequency. To criticise the act of the president in a more grounded way, The New York Times compares the lies frequency between Trump’s and the former president Barack Obama. We also dug deeper into one of his promises in his election platform which is job creation and employment enhancement. From which, we adopted a project from ProPublicaThe following will discuss the visualization, the use of words and the effects of the two projects. 

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Calculate Marketing Objective for Your Media Startup


Summary: We use Python to make a financial calculator to help media startup founders to find out the break-even point of their business model. In other words, it can estimate how many visitors should they acquire to become profitable. We will also show you how to numerically solve the equation and study the sensitivity of key operating parameters, like member fee and CPM of Ads.

Start up A New Business

First of all, you should start up your new business. As all of our group members will graduate from the communication school of HKBU, we want to start up a new business together in the media industry. After doing analysis about the industry and competitors, we decided to found up a news website about new technologies, innovations and application in the media industry.

Business Model

Basically, our business model is like this. We produce high-quality content in different formats to help our target audience to know what is the newest trend and hot topic in the media industry. and on the monetization side, we have two ways to get revenues. The first is by combining ads into our website like feed ads, and the other way is by charging the subscription fee for exclusive content.


Before we start to find investors, however, we should first get to know how much money is needed to make the website work.

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