A dossier of data journalism teaching strategies: Words from journalism educators worldwide

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“It doesn’t matter which country you’re in, or what university you visit, there’s a common refrain that you’ll hear in the halls of J-schools across the globe: “I’m not good at math”.

Of course, this aversion often leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. If students don’t think they’re good at numbers, they avoid them altogether. Yet, to find and accurately report on stories in today’s data intensive society, journalists need these skills.

This calls for a reconsideration of journalism programmes around the world. Teachers need to ask themselves: What are the most relevant strategies to equip students with the skills required for finding facts in datasets? To understand them? To scrutinise them? And to communicate them to the public in the most appropriate and understandable manner?

There’s a lot to be learnt from teachers of all backgrounds. So, in this Long Read, we’ve curated a dossier of reflections from nine educators in seven countries to start understanding the most effective ways to introduce students to data.” Continue reading “A dossier of data journalism teaching strategies: Words from journalism educators worldwide”






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“Whoah, wait a minute, every reporter needs to be a data reporter”: Conversations with two generations of data journalists at the Los Angeles Times

By Roselyn Du

Over the entrance to the Los Angeles Times headquarters hangs a banner with the newspaper’s promise to the world: REAL JOURNALISM, REAL IMPACT. When I visited in April 2018, the paper was still quietly situated in its historic downtown Los Angeles headquarters, right next to the City Hall and the Grand Park. Three months later, the paper moved out of its historic downtown building to a facility near Los Angeles International Airport, bringing itself closer to the rest of the nation in the latest episode in a series of ownership changes that have been going on for decades. I went there in search of a pair of data journalists, Doug Smith and Ben Welsh, who relayed to me a remarkable story of the evolution of data journalism in recent decades.

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Aaron Mendelson: Would numbers work with radio?

Producer/Editor: Roselyn Du

Project Assistant: Zoe Hu

(Aaron Mendelson at his KPCC desk in Pasadena, California. He was interviewed by Roselyn Du of Hong Kong Baptist University in February 2019 for his data journalism works.)

Aaron Mendelson can usually be found working on one radio broadcast or another in his office at Pasadena, California. Where most journalists work with verbal content, Mendelson also concerns himself with data analysis. He is thankful to his master’s degree from UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. He said the data skills that he is now using at work for Southern California Public Radio’s data journalism and interactive projects are mostly learnt from there. Continue reading “Aaron Mendelson: Would numbers work with radio?”


2019年3月18日,首届中国数据可视化创作大赛 (China DataViz Competition) 在京启动,大赛以“数据中的宏观和微观世界”为主题,将有国内外五十多所高校、近百家机构参赛,中国数据可视化领域将迎来新的创作动力。

中国数据可视化创作大赛 (China DataViz Competition) 是中国新闻史学会计算传播学研究委员会指导、数可视教育公益基金主办、南京大学新闻传播学院承办的数据可视化领域的专业比赛。
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Job Opportunity: Market Information Specialist at Unum Networks

About us

Unum Networks is a seed-round startup founded in 2018 that is building a blockchain database engine, UnumDB. We are based in Guangzhou, China.

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Matt Carroll: Numbers Man in the Spotlight

Producer/Editor: Roselyn Du
Project Assistants: Zoe Hu/Bobo Wei

(Matt Carroll interviewed by Roselyn Du and her students at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018)

Matt Carroll was in Hong Kong in October 2018. He was invited to be a keynote speaker for the week-long Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop (PPWW) held at Hong Kong Baptist University. The rooms where he spoke were always more than full, with some people having to stand at the aisles or sit on the floor.

Movie effects? Perhaps. But Matt Carroll himself is really a personable, charismatic, and charming character. Continue reading “Matt Carroll: Numbers Man in the Spotlight”


出品/采访:Roselyn Du

拟稿/整理:Zoe Hu

资料协助:Jiayuan Wen & Miao Xu


(黄志敏在GEN Summit 2018 年会现场;左为香港浸会大学Roselyn Du)



2016年,是黄志敏在财新的第五年,离“财新数据可视化实验室”的创立也有三年的时间。这一年,他离开财新,创办了中国“数可视”。 Continue reading “黄志敏与数可视:数据新闻的过去、现在和未来”

The Conservation of the Fish Industry

By Jay Raju Ganglani

According to the WWF, Hong Kong citizens consume 65.5 kilograms of seafood each year making it three times more than the world’s average. 

In 2017 alone, the fishing industry produced approximately 127,600 tonnes of fisheries believed to be valued at $2.6 billion. 

In recent years, however, the Hong Kong government has implemented a number of measures to help promote the conservation of fishes and other marine life animals. Continue reading “The Conservation of the Fish Industry”

Total Ban to E-Cigarettes and Other New Tobacco Products in Hong Kong – Data explained

Reported by Kwok Yau Wai, Chan Man Yi and Fung Chi Man

(Featured Image from Creative Commons: https://www.ecigclick.co.uk/)

According to the Policy Address 2018 (published in October 2018), Carrie Lam , the Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government, has made a total ban to e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products. However, as claimed by the proposal from the Hong Kong government in June 2018, e-cigarettes and other new tobacco alternatives would be regulated in the same way as conventional smoking products.

Let’s run deep into the reason why the government made a big turn on the issue of whether e-cigarettes should be banned or regulated. Continue reading “Total Ban to E-Cigarettes and Other New Tobacco Products in Hong Kong – Data explained”