Data News of the Week: Sexual Assault Around The World

If you are a woman who is walking down the street alone in the late night, and accidentally you meet a group of guys hanging out with nowhere to go, what would happen when you pass them?

It may be the words “hey, beauty” or “hey, sexy girl,” or being instructed to smile. Or maybe more intentional: standing in the way or blocking the path in hope of some interaction. Or perhaps may get more aggressive, with hands reaching to inappropriate places. Actually, this kind of situation is far and wide, with one end harboring the potential for things to become more violent with physical abuse or rape. In Canada, the United States and The United Kingdom, women being sexually assaulted has become a serious problem. However, there is still a loophole after asking the police for help – Will the police believe you?

A 20-month investigation by The Globe and Mail reveals that sexual-assault victims are more likely to be believed in some areas of the country than in others. Continue reading “Data News of the Week: Sexual Assault Around The World”

Inside Douban’s Top 250, a door pries into the world of audiences in mainland China

Summary: In this article, we crawl and analyze the top 250 films evaluated by DouBan users, find their preference on specific directors, types and regions, and also see trends of movies in different regions, particularly in America and Hong Kong. Besides, we pay attention to analyze the rise and down of Hong Kong film productions, and also add some background information for a better understanding. 

Douban top 250

In general, the best ways to reflect a movie’s preference and prevalence are through box office and ratings. But box office is biased since lots of movies are blocked in China and people are likely to be affected by several factors.  Thus, it’s more objective to examine it through ratings.

Douban Movie is a famous Chinese film rating site, with millions of users watching, rating, and commenting on movies day by day. Considering a large number of Douban users and the relatively objective measurement, data from the Top 250 list is suitable for our analysis.

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轉載:嶄新展示—— 立法會數據一目了然 | 獨家新聞解碼2

端傳媒數據新聞作品《20 萬條投票紀錄帶你解碼香港立法會》搜集本屆立法會議員由 2012 年至 2015 年的立法會投票記錄,分析他們的投票取態和規律,並結合文字、圖表、視頻等 多元的手法,將海量的信息以新穎、簡明、生動的方式呈現在 公眾面前。這是一次頗為成功的數據新聞嘗試,對於今後的數 據新聞發展具有重要的參考價值。該報道獲 2016 年亞洲出版協會(SOPA)卓越資料圖像優異獎。

受《獨家新聞解碼2》邀稿,胡辟礫與巢恬逸就創作過程進行了覆盤,通過本文展示了數據分析與可視化的中間過程,關鍵圖表的取捨決斷,以及不斷強調的「用戶調查」在新聞*產品* 中的應用。Data and News Society 獲授權轉載經書本編輯的終稿。請下載 PDF:《獨家新聞解碼2》195-203 。


原作品於2015年7月製作,彼時上屆立法會尚未完結,數據只覆蓋了2012-2015年。2016年上屆立法會完結後,作者使用同樣的方法對2012-2016年的全部投票進行了分析,並用交互圖表呈現投票傾向的變化。感興趣的讀者可以進一步閱讀上屆立法會有關 投票行爲 和 議案內容 的分析。

Some Scraping Targets and Ideas

This is a casual post to dump some target sites for scraping or just project ideas. Those messages were first sent through COMM7780/JOUR7280 WeChat group. Although we have only explored part of those possibilities this semester, the list is good for future reference. We can bounce off ideas in the comment below and enrich this list.

Top Targets: Movie, Shopping and News

Let’s first have a look at what the students care about from HW2 submission:

Scraping Targets from HW2 submission – COMM7780/JOUR7280

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[Wanted!] HKBU Data-driven Storytelling Competition on Mar 22 – Mar 25

The School of Communication and the Department of Journalism of HKBU will organize a University-wide “HKBU Data-driven Storytelling Competition 2018.” All full-time HKBU students (undergraduate, postgraduate, research degree students) are welcomed!

The online registration deadline is: 18 Mar 2018.

The briefing session will hold at WLB 208 at 18:30, 22 March. During the briefing session, the topic for competition will be announced on-site. Participants will form groups on-site and kick off the project. Participants can work on their projects anywhere within a 72-hour time frame, and submit their work online on 25 March 2018, pm 18:59.

Award: Champion ( 1 team, HKD 3,000); Honourable mentions ( 3 teams, HKD1,000 for each)

For details and online registration, please visit:


Data News of the Week: A World Defended and Invaded by Data – a Technical News Story Covering NSA Files Leak

Do you consider your personal information well protected? You use different passwords for different accounts, keep your social network activity private, even fake your profile on social media. Your efforts are probably in vain.

Everything you have done is under surveillance and your life pattern can even be figured out by people who are thousands of millions away from you. The government knows that you called Daisy three times in twenty-four hours, with one after midnight. You use Google Map in Central, Hong Kong at 2pm and your route is also recorded. You may wonder: I am just nobody. Why will somebody spare effort to analyze my data? In fact, you are somebody. Three degrees of separation points out that if you have 190 friends on Facebook, then after “three hops”, the network you can reach is even bigger than the population of Colorado.

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Call for participants: E-resources Discovery Week at HKBU

The HKBU Library will host its annual E-resources Discovery Week with a series of luncheon and workshops on the paid e-resources and database available for students in the coming week. Journalism students are encouraged to join as they have invited a list of star speakers on how to find credible news resources, including:  

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Key Takes from Jessica Lo’s Sharing on ODD-HK 2018 about Government Data Portal

Open Data Day is an annual celebration of open data all over the world. In the year of 2018, more than 400 cities simultaneously organise hackathons on Mar 3. According to one Hong Kong organiser, Bastien Douglas, most local organisers of ODD are government affiliates. In Hong Kong, communities like OSHK and ODHK lead the organisation every year. One highlight for ODD-HK-18 is the talk from Jessica Lo, the system manager from OGCIO responsible for the open data portal:

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Workshop recap: How Does HKBU Library Preserve Vintage Documents Using OCR?

Technology has changed our way of researching and our reading habit after the Internet became the popular platform for the release of news and information. The documents and publications from the non-information era are still invaluable for us especially when it comes to referencing and history learning. Yet, these resources are black and white and read all over, which does not fit in today’s mode of information processing. To digitalise these old documents, four students from Baptist University (BU) learned about the technique and usage of software in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) workshop.

Using OCR machine to preserve information on old documents.

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Hong Kong Midnight Dinning Guide

Summary: Hong Kong is a commercial hub that never sleeps in Asia. There are numerous restaurants feeding workaholics who work overtime and party animals who indulge in strongly beating music and alcohol at midnight. We search on OpenRice, the most popular dining guide website in Hong Kong, and find that there are 942 restaurants still open after 11.30am in Hong Kong. Among them, we crawl the information of 250 most popular ones among them in order to pitch an overall scene of Hong Kong’s midnight dinner.

We try to figure out four points below:

  • Where to hunt midnight food in Hong Kong?
  • How much do you need to pay a meal at midnight?
  • What kinds of food are provided at midnight?
  • What kinds of restaurants can you choose at midnight?

After that, we make a recommendation on midnight restaurants based on our analysis results.

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