Executive Officers

Jessie Pang, a student who is passionate in changing the society through accurate and truthful journalism. She’s interested in learning the latest data journalism trends and skills.

Roy Tang, a Journalism student enthusiastic about coding and technology, is currently studying for a Computer Science minor degree. His interests of study are data related computing, software development, machine learning and more, aiming to solve real-life social problems.

Bobo Wei received her MA in Business and Financial Journalism from Hong Kong Baptist University. She is currently a Senior Project Assistant of the Institute for Journalism and Society at HKBU Department of Journalism and a correspondent for The Data & News Society. She was a former journalist at Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China. She considers herself still a junior in the field Data Journalism and is always willing to learn.

Xingchen Zhou, formerly HKBU-Communication postgraduate. Product manager in media & technology fields. Currently running DNN monthly newsletter for those who’re interested in data and news around the globe, trying to provide diverse information effective to subscribers to help them jump out of comfort zone.