Month: June 2016

A quick peep of Brexit

With Brexit vote almost 3 hours in, we take a look of relevant data and comments from major media organizations regarding UK-EU relation, how the result would impact on UK, Hong Kong and China.

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Data Journalism Award 2016

Today is a big day for data journalism of 2016, the winner of DJA competition were announced during a special ceremony and gala dinner at the Vienna City Hall, Austria.

Recap the ceremony here:

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How humans perceive graphics

As I sit at the Hong Kong airport awaiting my flight to Italy, I saw this article on Medium, a popular publishing platform. It’s by a visual journalist at The Washington Post, and it relates to the data visualization work we did this past week:

39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes

Among other things, the article raises a fascinating question: Is data visualization a science or a language — or both? As Kennedy Elliot writes:

I don’t think data visualization or data storytelling is prescriptive; I think there are many options and an infinite number of possible visualizations, many we haven’t even discovered yet.

But perhaps it’s not purely a language either. Obviously there are biases and distortions we bring with us when viewing graphing frameworks and objects, some of which is learned, but some of which seems inherent.



Data Visualization Tools We learnt on 3rd Day of Jeff’s Workshop

  • Merits:
  1. A fast tool to make an eye-tracking chart, used in American news organizations;
  2. Free themes to choose;
  3. Good color palette;
  4. Interactive charts;
  5. Add title, subtitle, body text and etc.
  • Shortcoming:
  1. Could not adjust size of callout and numbers along the axis;
  2. The callout would not show if the portion of the pie chart is so small;
  3. The map’s color is distributed randomly, not in a pattern.

It is a very good tool with fancy communications between users and the software. You could publish your story online with this tool.


It is a very good tool to tell stories with maps and media.


Live Streaming: D&N Workshops Day 6, the final encounter

Good Thursday morning!

We spent our first two days with Prof. Jeff South of VCU working on data collection and analysis. Can’t believe today is already the last day of the workshop series: We will continue with Jeff on data visualization.

You can tune in to the live stream of our webcast via the following links and enjoy the workshops with us:

2 June Morning

2 June Afternoon

Last but not least, Jeff has a fans group in Hong Kong already.

How much do you know about nuclear power in China?


Participated in the data-driven news competition in China, we constructed a font-end page using HTML5, CSS3 and javascript: 新能源:核电知识知多少?

We built the page with tiny basic knowledge of “the Big 3” in 5 days, including one day learning from Zhou Yongkang’s case by Caixin.

I would not say it is a news story though “nuclear” is currently a very hot topic around the world, because it is rather a pile of skills/process of fresh learners of “the Big 3” language.

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Play with Data – Inspired by Jeff’s Workshop – Day 2

During Jeff’s workshop, we played with a lot of data sets and were armed with Excel skills. For me, after constructing the Excel tutorial and did a review of Excel, the knowledge would be as solid as possible.

       1st data set is from world bank: life expectancy at birth.

         Just remember that every time you play with a data set, just make a copy it, and keep the original in case that you mess up with the data.

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Live Streaming: D&N Workshops Day 5

Good Wednesday morning!

We spent our first day with Prof. Jeff South of VCU yesterday and learned lots of data collection skills. Today, Jeff will continue with us on data analysis.

You can tune in to the live stream of our webcast via the following links and enjoy the workshops with us:

1 June Morning

1 June Afternoon