Month: March 2019


2019年3月18日,首届中国数据可视化创作大赛 (China DataViz Competition) 在京启动,大赛以“数据中的宏观和微观世界”为主题,将有国内外五十多所高校、近百家机构参赛,中国数据可视化领域将迎来新的创作动力。

中国数据可视化创作大赛 (China DataViz Competition) 是中国新闻史学会计算传播学研究委员会指导、数可视教育公益基金主办、南京大学新闻传播学院承办的数据可视化领域的专业比赛。


Job Opportunity: Market Information Specialist at Unum Networks

About us

Unum Networks is a seed-round startup founded in 2018 that is building a blockchain database engine, UnumDB. We are based in Guangzhou, China.


About the position

We are looking for people to take care of our information operations, covering both input and output:

  • Monitoring and analysing market information (including industry),
  • Design and implementation of automated information collection and report mechanisms,
  • Copywriting and editing,
  • Drafting presentation materials, and
  • Managing social media

The position is full-time. We are a distributed team and support flexible working schedule.


About you

Candidates are expected to have strong language capabilities (in English and Chinese), patience and attention to details.

Useful skills include:

  • Graphic design (with Adobe Illustrator, etc.),
  • Slides (with Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, reveal.js, etc.),
  • Automated information processing (with Python and Scrapy, etc.), and
  • Webpage development (with HTML and CSS).

It is not necessary for you to be capable of handling every responsibility immediately, as long as you are willing to pick up on the job.


Join us

Please send your resume and portfolio to

Matt Carroll: Numbers Man in the Spotlight

Producer/Editor: Roselyn Du
Project Assistants: Zoe Hu/Bobo Wei


(Matt Carroll interviewed by Roselyn Du and her students at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018)

Matt Carroll was in Hong Kong in October 2018. He was invited to be a keynote speaker for the week-long Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop (PPWW) held at Hong Kong Baptist University. The rooms where he spoke were always more than full, with some people having to stand at the aisles or sit on the floor.

Movie effects? Perhaps. But Matt Carroll himself is really a personable, charismatic, and charming character. Continue reading “Matt Carroll: Numbers Man in the Spotlight”


出品/采访:Roselyn Du

拟稿/整理:Zoe Hu

资料协助:Jiayuan Wen & Miao Xu


(黄志敏在GEN Summit 2018 年会现场;左为香港浸会大学Roselyn Du)



2016年,是黄志敏在财新的第五年,离“财新数据可视化实验室”的创立也有三年的时间。这一年,他离开财新,创办了中国“数可视”。 Continue reading “黄志敏与数可视:数据新闻的过去、现在和未来”