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Matt Carroll: Numbers Man in the Spotlight

Producer/Editor: Roselyn Du
Project Assistants: Zoe Hu/Bobo Wei


(Matt Carroll interviewed by Roselyn Du and her students at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018)

Matt Carroll was in Hong Kong in October 2018. He was invited to be a keynote speaker for the week-long Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop (PPWW) held at Hong Kong Baptist University. The rooms where he spoke were always more than full, with some people having to stand at the aisles or sit on the floor.

Movie effects? Perhaps. But Matt Carroll himself is really a personable, charismatic, and charming character. Continue reading “Matt Carroll: Numbers Man in the Spotlight”


出品/采访:Roselyn Du

拟稿/整理:Zoe Hu

资料协助:Jiayuan Wen & Miao Xu


(黄志敏在GEN Summit 2018 年会现场;左为香港浸会大学Roselyn Du)



2016年,是黄志敏在财新的第五年,离“财新数据可视化实验室”的创立也有三年的时间。这一年,他离开财新,创办了中国“数可视”。 Continue reading “黄志敏与数可视:数据新闻的过去、现在和未来”

The Conservation of the Fish Industry

By Jay Raju Ganglani

According to the WWF, Hong Kong citizens consume 65.5 kilograms of seafood each year making it three times more than the world’s average. 

In 2017 alone, the fishing industry produced approximately 127,600 tonnes of fisheries believed to be valued at $2.6 billion. 

In recent years, however, the Hong Kong government has implemented a number of measures to help promote the conservation of fishes and other marine life animals.

In her 2018 policy address, Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong stated that the government hopes to establish a platform to clean the shorelines in a bid to help protect marine animals and their environment. But, Mr. Chen, a shop owner at a fish market, disagrees with Mrs. Lam and believes that “eating fish has become [part] of Hong Kong’s culture” and that it “maintains the livelihood of many Hong Kong families”.

In action
A shop owner at the Fo Tan-based fish market, ‘The Happy Market Jubilee’ is seen delivering fish to a customer.
In detail
The fishes on for offer at the Jubilee Market.
Medium shot
A look at the wide array of different seafood available, including the fishes and mussels.
An outside view of the shop and its owner as he prepares fish for a patiently waiting customer. 
The entrance heading into the fish market with a customer seen leaving.

The Spreadsheet Guy in “Spotlight”


Hong Kong Baptist University journalism students interviewing Pulitzer Prize winner Matt Carroll in Hong Kong. Read the The Young Reporter short story here:



[Tools] Online Verification Tools – Notes from Google @ GEN 2018

At this year’s GEN (Global Editors Network) summit, Google News Initiative shared their notes regarding data journalism resources, particularly for investigative research and verification by online forensics. Here are some excerpts and we get a copy from Google News Lab, which you may find the complete notes attached at the end.

Research Tools

  • Google Public Data Explorer provides public data and forecasts from a range of international organizations and academic institutions. Visualized data are ready to interpret.
  • Google Trends compares search terms in a country and timeframe of your choice.

Verification Tools

Find more on data journalism training and multimedia toolsets below:

Q2 2018_ Workshop Notes 2018




從第五屆立法會開始,電子投票記錄以XML結構化數據的形式公佈於網站上,供公衆下載。我們通過爬蟲蒐集第六屆立法會議員從2016年11月10日至2018年3月29日做出的電子投票記錄,共27426票紀錄,對於每個議案,議員可能產生五種不同的表決結果——贊成、反對、棄權、缺席或出席(即出席會議,但未投下「贊成」、「反對」或「棄權」中的任何一票;立法會小百科 )。將不同的表決結果數值化後,使用主成分分析法(Principal Component Analysis,以下簡稱為 PCA),計算2萬票紀錄反映出的最大分歧,即主維度(Principal Axis),記為 PA1。同時我們計算每位議員的投票紀錄在 PA1 上的投影值,即主成分(Principal Component),記爲 PC1。PC1 體現議員之間的相對關係,兩位議員得到的分值越接近,則說明他們的投票傾向也越接近。

按照 PC1 分值由小到大排序,就得到一條數據驅動的「政治光譜」(如下圖所示)。在這條「光譜」中間,是從不投票的梁君彥。越靠近梁君彥的人,投票風格就越溫和。越遠離梁君彥的人,投票風格就越激進。而梁君彥的兩邊,按照議員所屬派別塗色,恰恰是建制和泛民兩派人馬,與常識相符。




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Flying in the sky, a report of air crash worldwide


1/2560000 in 2016  VS.  ?  in history

In the past 70 years, Airplane has been an important tool for people to travel long distances. According to IATA annual report In 2016, the major aviation accident rate was 0.39, which was equivalent to only one major accident happen in every 2.56 million flights. This seemingly safe number is built on countless blood and sweat. Step down and turn back a little bit, let’s count the successes and failures in the flying history.

Data source

Data volume

  • 5534


  1. Yearly how many planes crashed? any trend? how many people were on board? how many survived? how many died?
  2. How the distribution of accidents between military and passengers? any insights?
  3. The highest number of crashes by operator and type of aircraft. The relationship between operators and types of airplanes?
  4. Find the airline routes with most accidents and try to find the reasons.
  5. Find any interesting trends/behaviors that we encounter when we analyze the dataset.

History of airplane accidents

Count of accidents by Year


Form the picture, we can see the total accidents trend from low to high before the 1970s. After that, there are some small peaks around 1990 and 2010. But the overall trend after 1990 is gradually going down.

At the beginning of 20 centuries, 1903, Wright brothers invented plane. In 1909, French hold a big flight competition, which threatened the England and other European countries. Even there were many problems with the current planes, the military can’t wait for using it in war. The first time of airplanes’ appearing thus was in Italo-Turkish War. The power of airplane attracted other countries’ military, which leads a huge development in the military aviation industry. From 1914, the first world wartime, airplane mainly used for investigating, transporting, and some peripheral things. At the time of world war II, which is around 1940. Airplanes had widely used in battle. At the same time, World civil aviation organization (IATA) established in Havana, the capital of Cuba in 1945. In 1978, Cater, the president of the USA, signed meaningful a law in the history of American aviation legislation, which is <the airline deregulation act>. The establishment and merger of companies in the US domestic aviation industry, route selection, fare establishment, and even loss-making operations, are basically out of government control and intervention. The number of airplanes grows up fast with the high possibility of air crash occurred. The other reason we consider is that airplane technologies that at that time had weakness and need to improve. With the technologies completed, the amount of air crash will decrease. These situations are obvious after 2000.

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图片 11.png



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立法會小百科 Q&A












“法案”是新法例的建議或對現有法例的修訂建議。政府及議員可提交法案,以提出制定新法例或修訂現行法例的建議,供立法會審議。法案須在立法會完成三讀程序,才可成為 法律。法案提交立法會後,議員會辯論及表決法案。






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【轉載注】特朗普自從上臺以來,一直是媒體和學者關注的焦點。這位「推特治國」的總統,不僅極具話題性,也伴隨着豐富的數據集。這無疑是政治新聞報道中,非常適合數據驅動報道的議題。這篇文章來自兩位港大的同學,初稿形成于 Open Data Day Hong Kong 2017 的黑客松,由 Initium Lab 編輯和發表。轉載此文有兩個契機。一是 Open Data Day Hong Kong 2018 將于3月3日在港大舉行,屆時全港的開放數據行動者、公民科技愛好者、記者、學者、市民將匯聚一堂,發起專案,並在一天的時間內做出原型。部分項目組會在活動之後繼續研發,形成出色的數據應用或者數據報道。這篇文章是一個經典的案例,無論從選題、數據搜集/分析/可視化,還是項目執行,都極具代表性。黑客松讓不同背景的參與者,在高壓下腦力激盪、通力合作,可以很高效地找到有趣的選題,並做出原型。而將原型轉化爲最終作品,往往會花上數倍于黑客松現場的時間,並且需要專業技能的介入。希望通過這篇文章,讓正在努力學習 Python、R、Javascript 的傳播同學看到一種可能性——獨行者最速,衆行者最遠。轉載的第二個契機是,最近NBC發出了有關俄羅斯在Twitter上虛假帳號的數據集和報道。特朗普的崛起讓大量精英階層感覺到是一記耳光,他們慌了,不斷苛責媒體和社交網絡。究竟俄羅斯有沒有從中作祟?作用有多大?爲什麼特朗普的支持者如此之多,但民調竟沒發現?是隨機誤差還是系統誤差?這些疑問會在很長一段時間內不斷閃現,而人們熱衷於各種蛛絲馬跡。可以說,盯住特朗普、盯住Twitter總會有用不完的數據,寫不完的故事。這篇文章是很典型的文本分析于可視化,用R完成,可借鑑處頗多。


美國新晉總統唐納德·特朗普(Donald Trump)以其極端言論在一眾政客裡獨領風騷。端Lab曾於2016年撰文分析特朗普與其競選對手希拉里·柯林頓(Hillary Clinton)面對媒體採訪時不同的言論風格,發現特朗普發言多用簡單句型,且善於用第二人稱敘事獲取觀眾共鳴。

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