Reported by Chung Ka Yiu

(Featured image from StockX :

People love buying hyped sneakers because of its appearance. Therefore, the sneaker resell market become more bigger in recent years. And people start to earn money from this new trend. Do you want to join the trend and earn some money? I will analysis the data from StockX and tell you how to earn money from this new market!

What is StockX?

StockX is one of the most popular sneaker resell places. People can purchase and trade their sneakers here. Also, the website will provide different information of your beloved sneakers such as the reselling price at this moment, the trend etc.

Which models are the most popular?

I chose Yeezy because it is the most recognizable sneakers. So I chose it to represent the whole market. And I chose three of models in Yeezy line to analysis.

As we see, the most popular model is Yeezy500, over the half in these models. And the Yeezy700 do not good selling numbers in reselling market, only 3.18%. Because the retail price of Yeezy700 is higher than the other two models and its reselling price will be higher and become expensive. That’s why the reselling numbers of Yeezy 700 is low.

Which color can make you rich?

If you want to make money from reselling sneakers, don’t buy black/white. Although black/white are popular colors, they can’t bring you money.

Which size should you choose to resell?

We can see that Us9-Us11 size are the most popular sizing. The reason is because most of the sneaker lovers are male, therefore the common size of male are good for selling.

Suggestion for new in sneaker resell market

  1. Buy the hot size for reselling! (US9-US11)
  2. Grey is your first choice!
  3. Choose trend models to purchase!