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Why don’t Hongkongers support CY Leung?

By Choi Ho Yee (Elise), Yang Shutong (Emma) and Tsoi Ki Lik (Alex)

Back in 2012, Leung Chun-ying took office as chief executive of Hong Kong under controversy over unauthorized building work in his home that brought discredit to him. After more than three years, Hongkongers’ discontent to him and the government only grow.

During the annual July 1 rally and other protests,  people demand CY to step down and call him a “big liar” and ‘’689” which means he only has 689 votes in the CE election. These signs show that CY doesn’t fulfill what he had promised when he ran the office. The data from public opinion programme by University of Hong Kong shows CY’s popularity slumped 10 percent during his tenure til now. The rating kept going down from 51.5 percent in 2012 to the most recent at 41.3 percent.

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