Author: Florin Serban

PhD candidate in the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University. My research is located at the intersection of media sociology, public participation and technological developments.

Prof. Rick Dunham Joins D&N Society Colloquium at Hong Kong Baptist University

More often than not, seasoned journalists are reluctant to embrace new media technologies and big data. It is definitely not the case of Professor Rick Dunham, Director of China Programs and Co-Director of Global Business Journalism Program at Tsinghua University. Prof. Dunham was the speaker of this year’s final D&N Society Colloquium, hosted by the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University on December 16th.

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The right balance of data and news

I must confess: I was slightly reluctant before joining the Inaugural Colloquium of D&N Society. I was afraid we will hear a lot about the mantra of data without even scratching the surface of “what data is really about?” and “how can we make the most of it without making it larger than life?”. Fortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The colloquium was a success and bellow I will describe why I felt reluctant and what saved the day for me during our first meeting. Continue reading “The right balance of data and news”