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Financial Times Chinese Network editor-in-chief joins colloquium

This season’s second Data & News Society Colloquium on 30 November introduced students and professors to Wang Feng, editor-in-chief of the Financial Times Chinese Network. Wang’s focus on online and digital news have led him to positions with Caijing Magazine in Beijing, the South China Morning Post, and founding Reuter’s Chinese language outlet. He and his teams have previously won the Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) Award of Editorial Excellence, as well as an Asian Digital Media Award.


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George Rodrigue: An Award-Winning Career in Data Journalism

by Valerie Cooper

On behalf of the Data and News Society, I sat down with American journalist George Rodrigue, who visited Hong Kong as part of HKBU’s Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop this past week. We spoke about his career as a data journalist. Rodrigue, the editor of The Plain Dealer in Ohio, began using data to tell news stories in the 1970s, and the skills have helped earn him two Pulitzer Prizes. You can read more about his work here: The interview has been edited for brevity.

VC: How did you get started in data journalism?

GR: The first thing that I ever did actually was a project at the University of Virginia where we surveyed students about the quality of specific off-campus housing that was kind of like consumer reports – how safe they are, how sanitary they are, all that stuff – and that seemed to fill a need, so I just kept looking for chances to do that kind of stuff as time passed.

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Data & News Society Inaugural Colloquium

The inaugural colloquium of the Data and News Society brought academics and practitioners together on 16 December to present news stories and accompanying visual displays. The inaugural speaker was Hu Pili, director and data scientist from the Initium Lab at Initium Media, which explores the ways of analysing and visualising data within journalism. Mr Hu demonstrated how the lab used voting records from the Hong Kong Legislative Council from Oct 2012 to June 2015 to create a visual display that allows readers to see how individual council members voted in relation to party lines. The graphic was also 3D-printed for the visually impaired. Continue reading “Data & News Society Inaugural Colloquium”