Time: Nov. 2, 2018 (Fri.), 11:00 a.m.-12:20 p.m.

Venue: CVA 506, HKBU

Speaker: Andy Shu

Language: English

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Words, graphs, and code are media data journalists usually work on. Yet, historically, these media do not share a common tradition. As a consequence, they are taught in different schools and realized by people of different background, often resulting in forced amalgams of barely connected components.

I believe this need not to be the case. Words, graphs, and code share a common structure: combination of symbols; and writing, graphing, and programming share a common purpose: communication — illuminating the unknown with the known. I like to present a unified model for these three media from the symbolic and communication perspective, thereby illustrating a universal set of principles guiding their use, at which point, best practices in each field become obvious and interchangeable.
Andy Shu started his career as a financial editor with Mingpao Daily. He later joined Initium Media, where he served as Data journalist. He coordinated an data analysis of voting patterns of Legislative Council of Hong Kong and directed the animated infographics, Decoding Hong Kong Legislative Council, winner of the 2016 Award for Excellence in Information Graphics from The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA).

After Initium, he shifted his focus to engineering, and worked as front-end engineer for Strikingly, a startup web publication platform based in Shanghai, and subsequently as the chief engineer of Matters, a blockchain-based content platform. He is currently working on a startup project.

Andy Shu is an HKBU alumnus, having graduated as an Organizational Communication major in 2012.
1. Decoding Hong Kong Legislative Council
2. Matters
3. Programming Traditions
4. Bitcoin from First Principles