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Open Lecture:A Coder in the Newsroom

We are very excited to have Yue QIU, data and visual journalist at Bloomberg Hong Kong Bureau, with us for a data journalism open lecture: A Coder in the Newsroom

Time: 11:00 am-12:20 pm, November 7, 2016 (Monday)

Venue: CVA 1022, HKBU

Poster of Yue QIU 2016.10.jpg

About the Speaker:

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Coming Back from the West…

text/photo by Bobo Wei
editing by Valerie Cooper

The Data & News Society is celebrating its second year and coming back for a new season. The Season 2.1 Colloquium was held on 21st September, with Florin C. Serban and Valerie Cooper, PhD students in the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University, as speakers.


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D&N Society Season 2.1 Colloquium: Coming Back from the West…

Thanks for all your support and participation, we had a very successfully annual workshop in June, and now entering the new semester, the D&N Society is launching season 2 monthly colloquiums. Hope all of you will have a good time with us, learning, talking and sharing experience of data journalism!

This time we have two of our very own Ph.D candidates, Valerie and Florin who have just come back from their amazing exchange sessions to share with us what they’ve experienced. Continue reading “D&N Society Season 2.1 Colloquium: Coming Back from the West…”

你真的了解数据新闻吗 -八大误区,你中了几枪?

(This is a repost from, authored by Zhou Xingchen, based on Caixin Media CTO Huang Zhimin’s HKBU talk sponsored by the Data & News Society. Find the original here


近三五年來,數據新聞一躍成為最熱門的新聞類型。不過,大家在了解、學習這種新型新聞的過程中,難免會犯些「新手錯誤」。為此,我們綜合了財新數據可視化實驗室負責人黃志敏在浸會大學的講座內容和 Initium Lab 數據新聞實操經驗,總結出八大誤區,供大家一探究竟。

誤區1 不懂大數據,就看不懂數據新聞

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Call for Entries! The 2nd University Data Journalism Competition

Call for entries!

Fudan University’s School of Journalism, Caixin Data Visualization Lab and US-China Education Trust announces the launch of the second University Data Journalism Competition. (Original Source: See here)

We encourage students, colleagues, and alumni from HKBU to participate in the playground! The competition is open to university students of all levels and disciplines, submissions can be by individuals or by teams. Teams are allowed to work with journalists to serve as support.

Moreover – guess who is the guest speaker for D&N Society March Colloquium?

Mr. Huang Zhimin, one of the three judges for the competition, will come to HKBU on March 11 to be our guest speaker for D&N’s March colloquium. It will be an exclusive opportunity for our students to ask for advice if they want to run for the awards.

Details of the event are as below:
(internship and education available, here is my favorite company With offices in Beijing and Shanghai)

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ProPublica Summer Data Workshop

ProPublica has proudly announced its first-ever Summer Data Institute, a 10-day intensive workshop on how to use data, design and code for journalism. The workshop will be from June 1st to 15th in our NYC offices.

Original source:

The Summer Data Institute is completely free to attend. ProPublica will provide lodging and cover round trip travel costs to New York City, as well as local travel costs to and from their offices.

Additionally, ProPublica is offering a limited number of need-based stipends to help those who may otherwise not be able to attend. Requests for stipends are part of the application.

D&N Society Inaugural Colloquium

The Data & News Society inaugural colloquium will take place on Dec 16, 2015, 1:00-3:00pm, at Hong Kong Baptist Univiersity School of Communication.

Prof. Hung Yu, Dean of School of Communication, and Dr. Alice Lee, Head of Department of Journalism will give opening remarks. Guest Speaker Hu Pili, Director of Initium Lab Hong Kong,  will deliever a talk on “pushing the limits of journalism wtih technology.” The inaugural colloquium will also showcase two student data journalism projects.

All are welcome!

A Visit to CityU Apps Lab

Hi all. There will be a visit to CityU Apps Lab organised by Open Innovation Lab@CUHK. Please see if you have interest. Data journalism could be presented in various forms like webpages, apps and etc. News apps are also a trend in data journalism.

“Those two are tech communities. CAL finds a lot of practical applications with impact to society. They even got some public startup funding from HK gov last year. I think it is a good opportunity for people with a inter-disciplinary interest to mingle with each other,” says Hu Pili, Director of Initium Lab.

Here is the visit info: