How people earn money from reselling hyped sneakers?

Reported by Chung Ka Yiu

(Featured image from StockX :

People love buying hyped sneakers because of its appearance. Therefore, the sneaker resell market become more bigger in recent years. And people start to earn money from this new trend. Do you want to join the trend and earn some money? I will analysis the data from StockX and tell you how to earn money from this new market! Continue reading

Hong Kong’s grave marine plastic pollution long left untackled, Greenpeace statistics show

By Cheung Tsun To, Shum Yu Hin, and Gao Yue



Cleaning operatives are sweeping a beach in Lung Kwu Tan, NW New Territories, flooded with plastic debris.

Hong Kong’s waters and shorelines have increasingly become a magnet for plastic wastes which Greenpeace says could underlie health risks and inflict “irreversible harm” to the region’s subtropical marine ecosystem. Continue reading

Tournament needed for future development of Hong Kong‘s esports industry

Reported by Erica Chin, Kobie Li, Elly Wu

Hong Kong esports athlete, Lo Tsz-kin won a gold medal at the Asian Games 2018. However, since esports are not recognised as an official sport in Hong Kong, he is not eligible to receive the $400,000 cash award as other gold medalists under Athlete Incentive Award Scheme.

Hong Kong’s esports industry has been developing slowly compared to other countries, experts say hosting mature tournaments is the key for the industry’s future development. Continue reading

The effectiveness of Hong Kong public libraries is diminishing

Reported by Ng Uen Man Florence, Wan Tsz Wing & Kwong Ka Yu


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In spite of a steady increase of registered readers of Hong Kong public library, both numbers in of visitors and books lent are lessening. As we all know, the main function of a library is to open for books lent. In other words, the reducing number of books lent reflects that the effectiveness of Hong Kong public libraries is weakening because people no longer borrow books from public libraries constantly. Among 82 public libraries in the city, 80 of them are facing a significant decrease in visitors. The whole picture might possibly relevant to a brand new reading habit – Ebook. Continue reading


New towns fail to be self-contained as planned, government data shows

Over 60% of workers who live in “self-contained” communities travel back and forth for work every day; decentralising job opportunities is the way to go

Reported by Caroline Kwok, Holly Chik and Michelle Ng

Gloria Liu is one of the 218,000 some new town residents who commute to schools outside where they live every day.

The 21-year-old student at the University of Hong Kong has been living in Ma On Shan since she was born. She has never studied in the new town where she has lived since kindergarten. Continue reading

Total Ban to E-Cigarettes and Other New Tobacco Products in Hong Kong – Data explained

Reported by Kwok Yau Wai, Chan Man Yi and Fung Chi Man

(Featured Image from Creative Commons:

According to the Policy Address 2018 (published in October 2018), Carrie Lam , the Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government, has made a total ban to e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products. However, as claimed by the proposal from the Hong Kong government in June 2018, e-cigarettes and other new tobacco alternatives would be regulated in the same way as conventional smoking products.

Continue reading

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