When “Data” and “News” get married, they have a lot of babies who have different characteristics, which means “Data Journalism Family” inevitably involves many fields about “Data Science“.

Yesterday I came to a meetup held in WanChai about data visualisation (one of the family’s child in data journalism). The speaker is Mart, and here is his Bio from Trello:

Mart is the director of Droste, a Hong Kong-based Data Science Consultancy, a Data Science Instructor at General Assembly, Co-founder of Open Data Hong Kong, and the convener for the Data Science Community Symbol&Key.

The talk is short and brief, with presentations of graphics, codes, and fancy visualisation tools. I would like to share some useful resources with you.

  1. Presentation Tool:  slides.com

Comment: This is a very good tool to use because you can use it      anywhere with internet, no need to download or take the USB with you. The most important thing is that you could embed your visualisations easily into it.

2. Data Science Resource:  prologue

Comment: You are a journalist who wants to get skills with data science and use fancy technologies to create your unique story, but confusing where to start? This site tells you everything! Go ahead and beat them!

3. Graphic Visualisation: graphtv

Comment: On this website, you could see the beautiful graphic about your favourite TV episodes.

4. Data Visualisation Tools (Online)

           1) Plotly: https://plot.ly/

           2) Pygal: http://www.pygal.org/en/latest/

           3) Raw: http://raw.densitydesign.org/

Comment: There are a mass of tools about data visualisation, the point is that you need to find one that serve your purpose. As a journalist, you are not a craftsman of visual arts, but a master of these tools with sufficient connotation and knowledge to the world.

“Data Visualisation” is young, thus we could go deeper and farther beyond the near future.