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(This is a repost from STUDENTS’ FINAL PROJECTS OF THE DATA VISUALIZATION FOR NEWS @ HKBU Spring 2017,click the link to read the full page: Bicycle Track of Hong Kong)

The project uses charts, map, video to discuss whether the Hong Kong a bicycle friendly city?

“Across the globe, cities like New York, London and Taipei have developed bike-friendly policies and introduced bike-sharing systems to encourage the usage of cycling as an alternative eco-friendly mode of transportation. In Hong Kong, cycling has been perceived as a weekend entertainment more than as a mean of transportation. This project discusses how far Hong Kong has gone to promote cycling, whether and how betterment could be achieved.”

Members : Roy TANG Ruibin, Jessie PANG Yu Tung, Shanni CAI Shanni

Mentor : Qiu Yue

Current role of cycling in HK’s transportation system

Despite the term of ‘bicycle friendly environment’ has been mentioned in the Policy Address 2016 for the first time, the role of cycling is still only be regarded as a recreational activity in Hong Kong.

According to the Transportation Department’s Travel Characteristics Survey 2011, only 20% of the cycling trips connected with other public transportation while the rest were “cycling-only”.

 In a written reply to the Legislative Council, Professor Cheung stated that “the existing private rental services can already meet the current market demand, so there is no need for a public rental system”.