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(This is a repost from STUDENTS’ FINAL PROJECTS OF THEDATA VISUALIZATION FOR NEWS @ HKBU Spring 2017,click the link to read the full page: Travelling in North Korea (GloTravel))


“North Korea stay mysterious to the world. It is hard for tourist entering without joining escorted tour. Some people may think that travelling to North Korea is an indirect way to support the DPRK regime, thus refuse to go there. The website is going to explain the misunderstanding of travelling to North Korea, and give you a brief idea of visiting DPRK.”

Members: Chungyin CHUNG Yin, Amanda LEUNG Wing Tuen, Carmen CHAN Wing Sum

Mentor: Rubio Chan

Data sourses:The Korea TimesCNBC、 台灣蘋果日報

The map you could search the location of North Korea.

Use time line to show the big issues.

The chart shows more information, such as gender and age.