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Screenshot: Carine Lai’s presentation on “Unopened Space”

Civic Exchange (思匯政策研究所,“CE” hereafter, a think tank) would like to collaborate with HKBU JOUR to make series of investigative reports on the issue of open space in Hong Kong. Basically, CE will share several datasets, and provide guidance on how to harvest other public data and how to interpret it, whereas the student teams will conduct reporting on this theme. Data journalism and data-driven storytelling are potential formats.

To facilitate the collaboration, CE is going to organize a Covering Open Space 101 Workshop. CE’s researcher, Carine Lai, will teach students where to find publicly available open space data and how to interpret it. The workshop is scheduled on:  7 Feb 2018 (Wed), 14:15 pm, at CVA703.  

Hence, when TYR is one of the collaborators from JOUR, we would also like to recruit 5 – 6 new students (regardless the concentration) to join the team, and produce data-driven stories. The students are expected to have some knowledge and skills to conduct data-driven reporting. It will be a good opportunity to work on real public data, and crafting the reporting repertoire.

If you are interested in the activity, please apply on or before 31 January 2018: https://goo.gl/forms/OGU8bg6pFVizsfjy1

The quota is limited. We will enrol students in a first come first served manner with basic screening. Details will be notified later.

For the past work CE has done on this theme, please check out this report.

For enquiries, please contact: xzzhang2 [at] hkbu [dot] edu [dot] hk