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Map Visualisation for Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks in R

(This is a repost from initiumlab.com by Charlie Chen, Chao Tianyi, click the link to read the original: Map Visualisation for Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks in R)

On May 9, 2016, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (“ICIJ” in short), a global network of journalists who collaborates on in-depth and investigative stories, released the long awaited offshore entities database behind Panama Papers Investigation.

So far, the offshore leaks database published by ICIJ includes at least 200,000 offshore entities from Panama Papers, and over 100,000 records from ICIJ’s previous investigations.

The offshore leaks database contains detailed contact postal address of all kinds of entities, offshore or non-offshore ones, officers and intermediaries, based on which we made colored maps revealing the distribution of postal address of people or companies involved in the offshore industry.

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(This is a repost from initiumlab.com by Hu Pili, Ren Xinya, click the link to read the original: 編輯必備!4個助你挖掘價值訊息的選題工具)

從事編輯工作,經常會爲「選題」頭痛 。在巨量資訊中,如何能夠大海撈針、找到最有價值信息?在這裏,我們為大家推薦四款選題必備「神器」:

1. Feedly

一款經典的Feed訂閱工具。如果想提高閱讀質量,僅在社交網絡上被動接收訊息是遠遠不夠的。許多媒體、博客、網站都提供RSS Feed(目前多用Atom Feed),可以用Feedly來彙總。除了方便訂閱、歸類、追蹤之外,Feedly還提供社交熱度的指標,協助發現趨勢議題。此外,分享到Twitter、收藏到Evernote等都很方便。目前,高級搜索、關鍵詞監控等高級功能需要付費,並且免費版也有訂閱數量限制。


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Recommended books for journalists who would like to do data journalism:

  1. Scraping for Journalists by Paul Bradshaw
  2. Data Journalism Heist by Paul Bradshaw

Open Data Resources:

  1. CKAN
  2. Open Knowledge Foundation
  3. Open Data Institute
  4. Knight Foundation
  5. Sunlight Foundation
  6. U.S. government’s open data portal: Contains about 85,000 searchable data sets.

Tools recommended:

  1. Quandl
  2. Raw