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I'm a student studying international journalism at HKBU. I am just an ordinary student who like to explore this world and know more about what is happening around me. I want to be the person to bring information and to tell the truth. Like Christopher Hitchens said “I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information.”

The International Fur Trade: Data and Measurements

By Alvin Kor, Natalie Wong & Rainie Lam

The current situation and development of the fur trade



Fur is probably one the most commonly used farbics in fashion: more than 50 million animals are killed for use in fashion every year. The origin of fur trade was established in the early modern period. It was stimulated in Siberia, North America and South Shetland. Until now, even though animal rights organizations oppose the fur trade, the international fur trade profits are still increasing every year. Furthermore, there is recent news about popular rabbit charms made of real rabbit fur. The way animals are farmed for fur is problematic and the general public is not aware.  

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