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Embedding interactive rich media on WordPress

Source: Wiki Commons

There are a lot “one-click” tools available online that help you to create good visualisation and export to iframe for embedding into your site. Good use of those tools can better present your content to the readers. Note that the free version of WordPress hosted service does not allow embedding iframe, so they can only rely on shortcodes. For example, one can use is  to embed interactive charts generated from Google Sheets. See more options of available shortcodes for free version here

Data and News Society is operated on a paid plan so we installed the iframe plugin. This makes it possible to enable a wide range of 3rd party visualisation into your project. This tutorial is contributed by Jade Li to demo how to embed interactive content from several common tools. The general workflow is to first export the 3rd party project as iframe, find the URL in the src=”” section, and use  [ iframe src=”” ] to embed it into WordPress.

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Hong Kong Craft Beer

(This is a repost from STUDENTS’ FINAL PROJECTS OF THE DATA VISUALIZATION FOR NEWS @ HKBU Spring 2017,click the link to read the full page: Hong Kong Craft Beer)

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