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Tableau Student Viz Assignment Contest (Jan 8 – May 29, 2018)

Just created a visual for an assignment? Turn it into an awarding winning work by submitting it to the Tableau Student Vis Assignment Contest (Round II 2018)!


(Round I First PlaceWinner, Perusing the New York Times #1 Best Seller List)

Entry Eligibility:

  • Visuals should be created in Tableau, within the period of Jan 8 – May 29, 2018.
  • Participants should be currently enrolled in a degree-granting program.
  • Dataset used should publicly accessible.
  • Submit your work by publishing your visual to your Tableau Public profile

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Create Simple Filled Map (HK) in Tableau

Creating a filled map using JavaScript libraries might take you much time to get it work. This tutorial demonstrates how data visualization tool Tableau provide a decent and handy solution (*Note: Hong Kong Map feature is only available after version 10).

The final product can be found here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/roy.tang#!/vizhome/SimpleFilledMap/Dashboard1

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記者:鄧綺婷   李慧盈   王嘉琛

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Coming Clean, what employers really want from domestic helpers

By: Celia Lai, Winnie Ngai, James Allen, Ellen He

Domestic helpers are an integral part in Hong Kong. Since 1973, the Hong Kong government has allowed foreign nationals to come to Hong Kong to work as domestic helpers. With over 350,000 helpers in Hong Kong, many households choose to employ foreign domestic helpers to help with a number of tasks. This is beneficial for helpers from low-income countries or regions, who can work for a higher wage than they would normally get in their home country, and send money back to help their family live more comfortably.

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Embedding interactive rich media on WordPress

Source: Wiki Commons

There are a lot “one-click” tools available online that help you to create good visualisation and export to iframe for embedding into your site. Good use of those tools can better present your content to the readers. Note that the free version of WordPress hosted service does not allow embedding iframe, so they can only rely on shortcodes. For example, one can use is  to embed interactive charts generated from Google Sheets. See more options of available shortcodes for free version here

Data and News Society is operated on a paid plan so we installed the iframe plugin. This makes it possible to enable a wide range of 3rd party visualisation into your project. This tutorial is contributed by Jade Li to demo how to embed interactive content from several common tools. The general workflow is to first export the 3rd party project as iframe, find the URL in the src=”” section, and use  [ iframe src=”” ] to embed it into WordPress.

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做數據新聞經常會需要處理大量缺失數據(Missing Data)。如果原始數據是一張二維表格,那麼這張表格中有很多「空洞」,我們常常希望過濾掉這些「空洞」,留下整行整列,以便在一個限定的範圍內,進行完整的分析工作。

本文來自同學Zoya的投稿,目的是用地圖展示各個國家市政垃圾收集的數量。原始數據來自UN Municipal Waste Collection Dataset,年份覆蓋並不完全(Missing Data)。爲了統一對比標準,項目最終選擇篩選出2002到2012年(共11年)均有數據的國家,再繪製地圖。本教程展示了兩種方法,均有值得借鑑的技巧。法一組合利用Excel、Open Refine、Tableau的基礎功能,最後使用Tableau的JOIN操作,實現了缺失數據的過濾。法二則針對本用例的特殊性,直接在Tableau內部完整整個數據流,用到了「# of Records」這個特殊的計算量。



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