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Title: What can non-coders achieve in 3 months? – A sharing of three journalism students from JOUR2106 Course.

Time: Nov 29 (Wed) ,3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Venue: CVA 1024


Some students are curious about the outcome of JOUR2106 Data Visualization for News. Since there is a lot of interest, we will hold a DNN event and invite three students who took JOUR2106 last year to introduce their projects and share a personal experience. Registration: No need for sign-up in prior.

Guest Speaker:

  • Julianna Wu: Hong Kong Baptist University alumni. Currently studying at the University of Hong Kong. A young journalist with a speciality in data visualization and photography.

Project: Craft Beer Business in Hong Kong

  • Jessie Pang: A final year Geography student at HKBU and pursuing a minor in Journalism. Jessie currently serves as a student helper for a data journalism course. She previously worked as a junior reporter at SCMP Young Post. Seeing the need for the media to adapt to the ever-changing digital age, she’s interested in learning anything related to the latest media technology trends.

Project: Can Hong Kong be a bike friendly city?  

  • Roy Tang: Journalism student, pursuing a minor in Computer Science. Interests of study: front-end web development, data mining, data analysis and data visualization. Completed the course on Data Visualization for News facilitated by Pili Hu. Project partner of Julianna and Jessie.

Project: More Than A Nuisance