Author: DogeMorris

How does the England National Team fail to impress?

By Morris Chan

With one of the biggest leagues in the world, and the outstanding youth system that produced the likes of David Beckham and Michael Owen, how do the Three Lions manage to flunk every international tournament? We try to break the story down statistically and look at it in a more scientific way.

In the recent 2016 summer transfer window, the 20 Premier League clubs managed to spend over 1.4 billion Euros on new players, and each club averaged 70 million of investment in one single transfer window. With this absurd amount of spending, England manages to place third in the current UEFA coefficient ranking, securing 4 spots for the European Championship League. Sitting on the top of the table is Spain, and the 20 clubs that currently play in the top flight league of Spain only spend around 500 million Euros in the last transfer window. So we have the investment, and we also have a solid top flight league with high level of competition – then where is the missing piece of the recipe?

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