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The Panama Paper: How it works?

The Panama Paper team has no doubt made the highlight of 2nd Investigative Journalism Conference, and today Ms. Mar Cabra, the Editor of ICIJ is sharing how they built the team and how it works. We are here in Nepal, bring you the latest information about the story behind this year’s biggest investigative journalism.

Despite the Panama Paper has made a ground-breaking news, the team is actually quite small, the ICIJ has 12 people on staff who come from different country all over the world, the major communication method is through the Internet, of course. Ms. Cabra has kindly shared her keynote of how the team works, what kind of people they have on board and mostly important, what kind of tools they are using. Feel free to sample information from this link: From Zero to 50%

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.22.19.png

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Please tune into 直播:2016年香港立法會選舉點票結果 (The Initium) for live report.

(This is a repost from The Initium by 香港組, click the link to read the original:



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張寶華,曾任電視新聞記者,因樣貌標緻,被稱為新聞之花、寶娃娃。現為上市公司管理層、電台節目主持人及專欄作家。訪問過許多名人,包括查良鏞(金庸)、江澤民、羅傑承、劉德華、鄭秀文、黎智英、唐英年、梁振英、陳可辛、王維基等。曾為信報、經濟日報、蘋果日報、星島日報、東周刊及明報等多份報章雜誌撰寫專欄, ,亦有多部著述。現時是香港足球總會市務及傳訊委員會成員。


When: 04:00 pm – 05:00 pm, Aug 29 (Mon), 2016
Where: Unit 1907, Prosperity Millennia Plaza, 663 King’s Road, Hong Kong

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Data News of the Week | Where will the next next Olympic Games be held?

The original article is posted on Caixin Datanews: 下届夏季奥运在东京,再下一届呢?



里约奥运会这届“惊喜处处”的奥运会差一点就在西班牙马德里举行。奥运主办权遴选信息网站GamesBids资料显示,在2009您的第一轮投票中,西班牙的马德里票数领先巴西里约热内卢,不过在其后两轮投票里约赶超马德里。 Continue reading “Data News of the Week | Where will the next next Olympic Games be held?”

Data News of the Week|Who’s the Most Welcome Legislative Candidates on Facebook?

This is a data news report from Initium Media: 148位立法會候選人,你知道誰在臉書最受歡迎?


9成直選候選人都有Facebook專頁,但有Like就有互動嗎?勤發帖就多人看嗎?非直選的組別,又會花心思與網民互動嗎? Continue reading “Data News of the Week|Who’s the Most Welcome Legislative Candidates on Facebook?”

Data News of the Week|China to Legalise Car-hailing Apps

If you tune into China news regularly, the most welcomed piece of this week has to be the one from yesterday, Car-hailing apps being legalised in Mainland China, sharing economy is finally being recognised.

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South China Sea in Data

Since the ruling of South China Sea came out, this has become the most discussed international issue this week. Seems like every country connected with South China Sea wants a piece of it. Here’s how different country defines their own mare clausum from Bloomberg. Continue reading “South China Sea in Data”

A quick peep of Brexit

With Brexit vote almost 3 hours in, we take a look of relevant data and comments from major media organizations regarding UK-EU relation, how the result would impact on UK, Hong Kong and China.

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Data Journalism Award 2016

Today is a big day for data journalism of 2016, the winner of DJA competition were announced during a special ceremony and gala dinner at the Vienna City Hall, Austria.

Recap the ceremony here:

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Top Data News of the Week: Who Will Win the April 26 Primaries?

The big data is becoming more and more usual with daily news, and yet a presidential campaign is where it really comes handy. On the other side of the world, an intensive race is going on to decide who will be the next POTUS. Of course, first thing first, Democrat and Republican have to have a single candidate of their own. Five eastern states, including the key swing state of Pennsylvania will hold primaries in just few hours. So who they will pick? The Bloomberg assembled some index try to work out the winner of next key moment (find the origianl here Continue reading “Top Data News of the Week: Who Will Win the April 26 Primaries?”