Month: September 2016

Uncovering Asia:The Second Asian Investigative Journalism Conference


#IJAsia2016 Uncovering Asia: The Second Asian Investigative Journalism Conference. In Kathmandu Nepal. It is a big training event, with over 60-panel discussions, workshops, and demonstrations.U can meet Panama Paper team, Spotlight team and the journalists all over the world.




eCharts Workshop

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Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm, Sep 06 (Tue), 2016

Location: Hong Kong

Address: Unit 1907, Prosperity Millennia Plaza, 663 King’s Road, Hong Kong

Speaker: Dorothy Zhang

Summary: eCharts is an easy, powerful charting and visualization solution offering interactive and highly customizable charts to present data. In this workshop, our speaker will illustrate some typical examples and present the key implication applying ECharts on news reporting. Editors who have no programming background would have a general idea about the principle as well as make a simple but customized chart on their own. The program code for those charts is provided too.

Key words: #eChart #DataVisualization #DataJournalism

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D&N Society Season 2.1 Colloquium: Coming Back from the West…

Thanks for all your support and participation, we had a very successfully annual workshop in June, and now entering the new semester, the D&N Society is launching season 2 monthly colloquiums. Hope all of you will have a good time with us, learning, talking and sharing experience of data journalism!

This time we have two of our very own Ph.D candidates, Valerie and Florin who have just come back from their amazing exchange sessions to share with us what they’ve experienced. Continue reading “D&N Society Season 2.1 Colloquium: Coming Back from the West…”


Please tune into 直播:2016年香港立法會選舉點票結果 (The Initium) for live report.

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