Tech in IJ: An observation and rethink after GIJC17

The sharing Pili Hu gave about the experience, observations and thoughts taken away from the trip to Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2017. Slides are followed. Keep reading for an outline of topics discussed in this talk.

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賣數據?賣能力?淺談數據新聞的商業出路 — 香港網絡媒體峯會後感

【編註】本文是2017年12月4日的香港網絡媒體峯會後的感想,由 Pili Hu 口述完成,先使用科大訊飛轉爲文字稿,再通過 OpenCC 由簡體轉爲繁體,經過輕量編輯後發出。因爲是口述稿,行文難免累贅,有部分用語不準確的地方,歡迎留言指正。從技術上看,是我們一次新的嘗試,希望藉此方法加速信息傳遞的效率。總共耗時爲1小時在地鐵上口述,加1.5小時編輯。



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Workshop: Masterclass in Mobile Journalism

Smartphones have become an increasingly essential tool to journalists covering emergency situations.

Ivo Burum of Burum Media (Australia) discussed mobile journalism tools SCRAP (a digital storytelling language), copyright, hardware (smartphones, lights, microphones, tripods), functional apps for shooting, editing, post-production, and more.

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Virtual Reality: A Workshop & Demonstration

Virtual reality’s ability to immerse readers in a unique environment can take our audiences to new places. This special session offer the participants free Google Cardboard viewers available to experience VR first-hand, plus a demonstration from China’s innovative Caixin.

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How to Find Data for Asia



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The Panama Paper: How it works?

The Panama Paper team has no doubt made the highlight of 2nd Investigative Journalism Conference, and today Ms. Mar Cabra, the Editor of ICIJ is sharing how they built the team and how it works. We are here in Nepal, bring you the latest information about the story behind this year’s biggest investigative journalism.

Despite the Panama Paper has made a ground-breaking news, the team is actually quite small, the ICIJ has 12 people on staff who come from different country all over the world, the major communication method is through the Internet, of course. Ms. Cabra has kindly shared her keynote of how the team works, what kind of people they have on board and mostly important, what kind of tools they are using. Feel free to sample information from this link: From Zero to 50%

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.22.19.png

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Muckrakers & Coders: Building the New Investigative Team

Coding is becoming a crucial skill for investigative journalism teams. But getting great results is not always easy, as mindsets differ. Learn from three women who have led multidisciplinary teams of coders and muckrakers.


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Investigating Health


From infectious diseases to the pharmaceutical industry, from local hospitals to basic care, covering health is a rich but challenging topic.


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Drones and Sensors

It is a brand new topic for the conference, as well as a new and fashionable way to cover  stories.


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The Panama Paper Team

This year’s massive leak of documents exposing offshore holdings–the Panama Papers–has changed how journalists think about their craft. Collaboration, tech-savvy data analysis, and cross-border reporting are the new buzzwords.


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