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Data News of the Week: Hong Kong Legislative By-Election 2018

The hope for pro-democracy camp to regain its veto power in the legislature vanished as Edward Yiu Chung Yim failed to beat his rival Vincent Cheng Wing-shun in last week’s by-election.

Legislative By-election 2018 was held on 11 March for four vacant seats in the council, following after the oath-taking saga which disqualified six councilors. New legislators were elected from three regions – New Territories East, Kowloon West, and Hong Kong Island, as well as Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape functional constituency.

Election is all about numbers – voter turnout rate, numbers of votes, and percentage of voters supporting candidate A or B, making it a golden opportunity for data visualization. In this article, we select three local news media, which are Initium, SCMP, and HK01, to discuss their different coverages on the by-election.

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Data News of the Week | What can we, the 20-year-old, do to change the world?

Nathan Ruser, a 20-year-old Australian National University student who is majoring in international security with a keen interest in cartography, discovered a fitness app had revealed the locations of secret military sites in Syria and elsewhere. He posted on Twitter about this, did not expect much response.

But the news ricocheted across the internet. Security experts said the Strave app’s “heat map” could be used by hostile entities glean valuable intelligence. The Pentagon said it was reviewing the situation.

How he found the news?

 “Whoever thought that operational security could be wrecked by a Fitbit?” Mr. Ruser, said in an interview with New York Times from Thailand, where he is spending part of the Australian summer break.

When he looked over Syria on Strava’s map — which is based on location data from millions of users, including military personnel, who share their exercise activity — the area “lit up with those U.S. bases,” he said.

Before publicly sharing his findings over the weekend, he discussed them in a private chat group on Twitter, made up of people interested in intelligence and security issues. “I know about two-thirds of what I know about the world from the group chats,” he said.

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Data News of the Week | U.S. Gun Control Debate and the Media

There were more than four months after the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, which is the deadliest mass shooting* committed by an individual of the States. As the largest gun-holding ratio (per capita) country around the world, USA has long been debating the gun control, yet, no consensus has been able to achieve. That’s also why media play a huge role in formulating the public debate and policy-making of gun control. We will discuss the two following reports by BBC (America’s gun culture in 10 charts) and The Telegraph (One mass shooting every day: Seven facts about gun violence in America) to illustrate the strengths and limitations of media coverage on the gun control.

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做數據新聞經常會需要處理大量缺失數據(Missing Data)。如果原始數據是一張二維表格,那麼這張表格中有很多「空洞」,我們常常希望過濾掉這些「空洞」,留下整行整列,以便在一個限定的範圍內,進行完整的分析工作。

本文來自同學Zoya的投稿,目的是用地圖展示各個國家市政垃圾收集的數量。原始數據來自UN Municipal Waste Collection Dataset,年份覆蓋並不完全(Missing Data)。爲了統一對比標準,項目最終選擇篩選出2002到2012年(共11年)均有數據的國家,再繪製地圖。本教程展示了兩種方法,均有值得借鑑的技巧。法一組合利用Excel、Open Refine、Tableau的基礎功能,最後使用Tableau的JOIN操作,實現了缺失數據的過濾。法二則針對本用例的特殊性,直接在Tableau內部完整整個數據流,用到了「# of Records」這個特殊的計算量。



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關係圖表速成方案:Google Fusion Tables & Kumu

(This is a repost from initiumlab.com by Chao Tianyi, click the link to read the original: 關係圖表速成方案:Google Fusion Tables & Kumu)


如何迅速製作出一張圖呢?本文會提供 Google Fusion Tables 和 Kumu 兩種方案。

不論採用哪種工具製作,最初都需要將原始資料從 research notes 整理成結構化的信息。


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How to use data to make a hit news story?

The topic comes from a Ted Talk by Sebastian Wernicke: “How to use data to make a hit TV show”. Here is the video talk:

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