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Six-Hour with Geeks: A Glance into Hong Kong Open Source Movement

Loads of imagination about programming has been running helter-skelter in my mind before I step into the spacious and well-polished Spectrum studio on the 11th floor of an office building at Sheung Wan in this bright Saturday morning. As someone who has been concentrating only on courses about liberal arts since senior school, I always consider coding as something far away from my daily life.

But today, Chico Xu, Ivy Wang and I, as student reporters, are going to take a glance into this sophisticated business which we once thought was irrelevant to the lives of us and the lives of many, but which actually is, and to a large extent.

The event we are attending is called the Global Pandas Documentation Sprint, a worldwide event held simultaneously in more than 300 countries on March 10, 2018, aiming at improving this Python library’s documentation with clearer explanations and better examples, and trying to leave, at the end of the day, with the library enhanced “in a perfect state,” as put by its official website.

The Global Pandas Documentation Sprint was held simultaneously in more than 300 countries around the world.

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Data News of the Week: Hong Kong Legislative By-Election 2018

The hope for pro-democracy camp to regain its veto power in the legislature vanished as Edward Yiu Chung Yim failed to beat his rival Vincent Cheng Wing-shun in last week’s by-election.

Legislative By-election 2018 was held on 11 March for four vacant seats in the council, following after the oath-taking saga which disqualified six councilors. New legislators were elected from three regions – New Territories East, Kowloon West, and Hong Kong Island, as well as Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape functional constituency.

Election is all about numbers – voter turnout rate, numbers of votes, and percentage of voters supporting candidate A or B, making it a golden opportunity for data visualization. In this article, we select three local news media, which are Initium, SCMP, and HK01, to discuss their different coverages on the by-election.

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農曆新年學習資料大禮包!Data Journalism Learning Tools

農曆新年伊始,小編在此給各位愛學習的小夥伴推薦一些學習Data Journalism有用的線上課程,資料和工具。希望新的一年,大家學業進步!順順利利!(原文部分轉載自 initiumlab.com, 有部分編輯, 點擊查看更多: 學習資料清單)

  • 系列課程:從查找資料開始、學習解讀資料的意義、資料視覺化到用資料說故事。

1.Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools(課程在LEARNO.NET平台開放,一共5節,直接註冊,免費學習)


2.Data Exploration and Storytelling(數據大師Alberto Cairo & Heather Krause開設)


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[Repost] Reflections on the talk by Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu on Artificial Intelligence


Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu on the DataXHKBU workshop on 26 Jan (by Xinzhi Zhang)

Note: This post was originally contributed as an entry to the Communicar Journal Blog on 28 Jan 2018. The author would like to repost it to the D&N Society]

Reflections on the talk by Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu on Artificial Intelligence

“Will AI help the film directors to make better movies? – Yes! But will AI replace the film directors and become directors? – No!” – Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu.

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当一个data scientist是种什么体验

这篇文章是参加一个分享数据科学活动后的总结和感悟,感谢data scientist – Hu Pili的总结和分享。

活动简介:本次的Symbols & Keys,组织者Mart邀请到了在Facebook London office工作的Hong Chun Leung,前来分享「当一个data scientist是种什么体验」。Hong Chun在去Facebook前曾在UCL攻读Machine Learning专业,也在King(制作Candy Crush的公司)工作过,在数据科学方面有不少实战经验。

Hong Chun Leung 对于问题 “What do data scientists do?” 直接给出答案:“Drive impact, strategy through data.” 并对这个答案解释如下:“A data scientist should know ‘How users are using your product?’, which means a data scientist should 1) understand the product; 2) do experimentation (very very important); 3) build data structure”。 Continue reading “当一个data scientist是种什么体验”