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At a glance: Hong Kong poverty situation

BY Ann Li, Theresa Yan, Nancy Ping 

Choi is a 56 years old mother of two. Although she worked industriously for decades, she still felt difficult to maintain her family. “There is no employment protection for cleaning workers”, said Choi.

Choi was hired by a cleaning company as an outsourced worker, working more than 10 hours a day. Though she worked hard every day while suffered from serious health condition, she earned about HK$5,000 per month, which is under the poverty line set by the Hong Kong government. Because of the heavy workload, she also suffered from the pains of the stiffened knees. However, she still needed to face the situation where the employer deducted her holidays and salaries, she felt anxious to her life.

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How has Hong Kong been developing its electric vehicles trend?

By Nicole Kwok, Daisy Lee, Jianne Soriano

The number of EV in Hong Kong has seen a steady increase as well as its promotion in the city. EV now account for about 3 per cent of new vehicle registrations in Hong Kong, a higher percentage than many other developed automobile markets.

Hong Kong is also the first city in Asia to test new-generation EV after Japan and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to test a new type of electric car, according to the Environment Bureau. The HKSAR government has set-up measures (including the installation of EV chargers, registration tax waiver) to promote the use of EV as well.

So how has the city’s EV trend been developed into now?

Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong

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HIV, the silent killer

How is HIV affecting the United States?

By Choco Chan and Sharon Tang

As HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) hits the top of the chart for being one of the most life-threatening diseases in the world, here’s what you should know about the mechanism working behind this killer:


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How well are inmates doing in and out of Hong Kong prison?

Reported by Crystal Tai, Emily Cheung and Nathan Daniels

Hong Kong ranked 11th among the world’s safest cities with only 0.1 percent of the population held in custody. We look into the reasons why people get imprisoned and the treatment they receive in jails. Although prison time isn’t supposed to be easy, some of the results may surprise you.


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How much do you know about nuclear power in China?


Participated in the data-driven news competition in China, we constructed a font-end page using HTML5, CSS3 and javascript: 新能源:核电知识知多少?

We built the page with tiny basic knowledge of “the Big 3” in 5 days, including one day learning from Zhou Yongkang’s case by Caixin.

I would not say it is a news story though “nuclear” is currently a very hot topic around the world, because it is rather a pile of skills/process of fresh learners of “the Big 3” language.

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