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Tech Review of Urban Noise Project

The project of Urban Noise is a interactive report concerning the urban noise issue in China, presented as a single web-page hosted on Github and integrated with multimedia attempts to visualize information. The team consisted of three journalism students and the production period took for around two weeks. This article is a brief tech review of the Urban Noise project, walking through how it was built up and what tools were used.

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HK residents’ perception on haunted house keeps conservative

Produced by Maggie Liu, Annie Qiu, Zoya Zhao, Jasmine Zhou

Housing price of Hong Kong stands high, increasing by near 20% compared with five years ago.

Hong Kong housing price stands high all around the world in the past several years. There’s a trend reported by some news report showing that more and more people choose to buy or invest in haunted houses to solve the living problem.

(Source: database)

Haunted houses refer to those that violent or tragic events, such as murder, accidental death or suicide have ever happened in the houses. As a result, the housing price of haunted houses always offers a big discount compared with other similar apartments.

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 Imperfect strategies in tackling overheated housing market


“I guess I cannot buy my own room in Hong Kong in my life. Impossible,” said Gina, a university student. She is near graduation this year and has to do part-time jobs while studying. In addition to facing the pressure of her studies, she also felt deeply impotent in the face of high housing prices.

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記者:鄧綺婷   李慧盈   王嘉琛

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Coming Clean, what employers really want from domestic helpers

By: Celia Lai, Winnie Ngai, James Allen, Ellen He

Domestic helpers are an integral part in Hong Kong. Since 1973, the Hong Kong government has allowed foreign nationals to come to Hong Kong to work as domestic helpers. With over 350,000 helpers in Hong Kong, many households choose to employ foreign domestic helpers to help with a number of tasks. This is beneficial for helpers from low-income countries or regions, who can work for a higher wage than they would normally get in their home country, and send money back to help their family live more comfortably.

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Public Sharing: What can non-coders achieve in 3 months?

Title: What can non-coders achieve in 3 months? – A sharing of three journalism students from JOUR2106 Course.

Time: Nov 29 (Wed) ,3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Venue: CVA 1024


Some students are curious about the outcome of JOUR2106 Data Visualization for News. Since there is a lot of interest, we will hold a DNN event and invite three students who took JOUR2106 last year to introduce their projects and share a personal experience. Registration: No need for sign-up in prior.

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100 Year’s Earthquake around Sichuan in D3

Jiuzhaigou, a world-class scenic spot in Sichuan, China, suffered a drastic earthquake on 2017-08-08 21:19:46. People still remember the Wenchuan earthquake that caused thousands of deaths and loss of enormous properties. Does Sichuan have a lot of earthquakes in history? Which counties suffered most from the earthquakes? Pili Hu made this animated chart in D3 overnight for an overview of earthquakes happened in or around Sichuan region in the past 100 years. The data source is See the project in full page here: Sichuan Earthquake in 100 years.

More Than a Nuisance–A multimedia report on the noisy China that you don’t know, or have already “heard” of.

(This is a repost from the students’ final projects of the DATA VISUALIZATION FOR NEWS @ HKBU Spring 2017, click the link to read the original: More Than a Nuisance)

“The noises used to be ignored were proved to be more than a nuisance, but a signal, a potential threat, and a hidden bomb of our urban life, that needs to be taken care of with greater attention.”

Julianna WuFred Lai & Roy Tang make the project in a multimedia way to report on the noisy China. Including maps, charts, sounds, timeline…

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Hong Kong Long-term Competitiveness Research/香港長遠競爭力研究

(This is a repost from STUDENTS’ FINAL PROJECTS OF THETHE DATA VISUALIZATION FOR NEWS @ HKBU Spring 2017,click the link to read the full page: Hong Kong Long-term Competitiveness Research)


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