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Data News of the Week | US Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. How does it matter to the companies and citizens?

Tax is one of the crucial parts of the country’s economic. Under the globalization, US tax policy might relevant to your life. The economic trends could affect you and the steps you might need to take so you can profit from it. Moreover, there are lots of data in the tax policies which could turn into some good data news. This week we will share some Trump’s new GOP tax cut plan data news.

What is the Tax Cuts about?

Trump’s Tax Plan and How It Affects You [Link]

The whole tax bill cuts the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% and the top individual tax rate will drop to 37%, which used to be 39.6% in 2017.

The following chart shows the progressive tax rate before and after the bill, in one Table. We find that table is an effective way to display data with high density. It seems the tax will be deducted for everyone except for the lowest income bracket.


Read more: Corporate Income Tax: Definition, History, Effective Rate

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Recap of Oct 2017 Data Journalism Bootcamp in HKBU

The 2-day Data Journalism Boot Camp was successfully held in HKBU on Oct 26 and Oct 27. The event was sponsored by KAS and the workshop sessions were led by two experienced trainers from DataLEADS. Another highlight of the event was a roundtable discussion chaired by Prof. Ying Chen, where professionals shared their practices, challenges and solutions in the newsrooms.

Data Bootcamp in Oct 2017

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Data News of the Week | Power in China

The closing session of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China finished this week. New Politburo Standing Committee presented to the Media, putting Beijing in the centre of world attention. This DNW hand-picks recent data news related to Power in China.

25 year’s political path to Power in China [Link]

Bloomberg Politics made an unconventional data visualisation to show The Path to Power in China. Readers can easily tell running a Big Region is important in China, by reading the following line chart. The chart successfully turned categorical position data into ordinal data by sorting the importance, namely number of people who entered Standing Committee from that position.


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Data Journalism Boot Camp in Hong Kong @ HKBU by KAS and DataLEADS

Dear all,

We are honoured to introduce you a one and a half day Data Journalism Boot Camp in Hong Kong.

Location (Map): Room 506, 5/F, Communication and Visual Arts Building (CVA), Hong Kong Baptist University. 

Time: Oct. 26 (Thursday) 9am-5pm & Oct. 27 (Friday) 9am-3pm.

Interested applicants should fill in the online form in this (deadline for applications to be 13 Oct.) link: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3864735/Data-Journalism-Hong-Kong

The workshop will be run by a pair experienced trainers from DataLEADS including the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Centre for Investigative Journalism.


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Time Saving One-Liners for Journalists

(This is a repost from initiumlab.com, click the link to read the original: Time Saving One-Liners for Journalists)

For journalists who do not code, after reading this article, you will master 15 one-line commands that can help you handle complex problems in seconds.

Initium Lab has collected various command line tricks as we hack journalism with technology. Here is our editor’s choice so far including: image processing, video processing, PDF manipulation, social network hacking and other useful one-liners. Just open your Terminal, and follow the steps.

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(This is a repost from initiumlab.com by Hu Pili, Ren Xinya, click the link to read the original: 編輯必備!4個助你挖掘價值訊息的選題工具)

從事編輯工作,經常會爲「選題」頭痛 。在巨量資訊中,如何能夠大海撈針、找到最有價值信息?在這裏,我們為大家推薦四款選題必備「神器」:

1. Feedly

一款經典的Feed訂閱工具。如果想提高閱讀質量,僅在社交網絡上被動接收訊息是遠遠不夠的。許多媒體、博客、網站都提供RSS Feed(目前多用Atom Feed),可以用Feedly來彙總。除了方便訂閱、歸類、追蹤之外,Feedly還提供社交熱度的指標,協助發現趨勢議題。此外,分享到Twitter、收藏到Evernote等都很方便。目前,高級搜索、關鍵詞監控等高級功能需要付費,並且免費版也有訂閱數量限制。


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數據新聞的精選 Feed 列表

(This is a repost from initiumlab.com by Chia ni Liu, click the link to read the original: 數據新聞的精選 Feed 列表)


這邊推薦一些 Data Journalism 相關的好站,讓你從平時就可以培養數據素養,從不同面向來探索跟學習數據新聞。

  1. #Flowing Data

由出過兩本資料視覺化暢銷書的 UCLA 統計學博士 Nathan Yau 所創,網站旨在探索資料視覺化跟資料分析的可能性。其中可以看到大量不同類型的圖表(包括資訊圖表或是互動性圖表等),還有設計準則跟工具類的教學文。最大的特點是更新頻繁,題材都很生活化。


Link: 點擊訪問 Flowing Data

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More Than a Nuisance–A multimedia report on the noisy China that you don’t know, or have already “heard” of.

(This is a repost from the students’ final projects of the DATA VISUALIZATION FOR NEWS @ HKBU Spring 2017, click the link to read the original: More Than a Nuisance)

“The noises used to be ignored were proved to be more than a nuisance, but a signal, a potential threat, and a hidden bomb of our urban life, that needs to be taken care of with greater attention.”

Julianna WuFred Lai & Roy Tang make the project in a multimedia way to report on the noisy China. Including maps, charts, sounds, timeline…

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哥大資料視覺化大師 Soma 在浸會大學的密技分享

(This is a repost from initiumlab.com by Chia ni Liu, click the link to read the original: 哥大資料視覺化大師 Soma 在浸會大學的密技分享)

Data Journalism 是一門極大的學問,從搜集資料、清理、修正、分析、到找到好故事的過程中大概有幾百種可以學的技能或是知識。在有限的時間和精力下,哥倫比亞大學著名的大師 Jonathan Soma 建議記者至少學好設計,使用適當的手法呈現資料,讓讀者能在最短的時間內吸收資訊。那麼資料視覺化都有哪些機密呢?


  1. 越多的資料想要呈現,讀者能接收到的資訊越少。
  2. 站在讀者的角度思考,只專注在讀者需要知道的資訊上。

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