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Create Simple Filled Map (HK) in Tableau

Creating a filled map using JavaScript libraries might take you much time to get it work. This tutorial demonstrates how data visualization tool Tableau provide a decent and handy solution (*Note: Hong Kong Map feature is only available after version 10).

The final product can be found here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/roy.tang#!/vizhome/SimpleFilledMap/Dashboard1

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Learn Spreadsheet to Mine Data and Jumpstart Your Data Journalism Career – A Sharing by Aimee Edmondson

Aimee Edmondson is now an Associate Professor with Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University. HKBU students are very lucky to have this knowledgeable and passionate speaker to talk about data journalism this afternoon. Her 12 years in reporting and later acquired statistics and technology are a fine combination for a data journalist. In the world where people are too fascinated by new technology and numerous boot camps are created by non-journalists, Aimee can be a role model for those “traditional journalists” who are moving in this direction.

Why does data matter? In Aimee’s words, you want to be a reporter, not a repeater. Data helps one to verify what the source is saying and find out what is really happening. To be pragmatic, we are seeing more and more JD requiring data analytics skills from investigative reporters. Going beyond the journalism domain, the skills trained by data journalism can well fit into corporate communication, public relation and advertising industry.

Picture: Job boards on IRE, from the slides

To start, one only needs to work on “small data”, with a spreadsheet.

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(This is a repost from initiumlab.com by Chao Tianyi, click the link to read the original: 整日做表沒思路?Google幫你開腦洞)


Google Sheets 最近推出了一項新功能 Explore,或許能成為探索陌生數據的第一步。Google 介紹稱,Explore 能根據表格內容自動生成盡可能多的圖表,還順帶做些數據分析,挖掘數據的關聯和趨勢[1]。

Explore 的使用方法很簡單,一次點擊就能自動出圖,不時還會附上(它認為)有趣的發現,例如列舉最大值和最小值等。


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Excel Tool Bar Mind Map